[H/A - Illidan] <Saltforged> 6/9 Mythic LF DPS & Healer

Hello! I am Marsela, Saltforged’s recruitment officer.

Saltforged is looking for more for Mythic progression.

Who We Are:
Saltforged is a group of friends who have been raiding with each other since BFA. We have achieved AOTC in every tier and progressed into Mythic. We spend our time running keys, raiding, and playing other games together outside of WoW. Our community values the friendships we make both in and out of WoW.

Our team raids every Wednesday and Thursday from 7-9:30PM CST.

Aberrus: 9/9H, 5/9M
VOTI: 6/8M

We strive to utilize our 5 hour raid week to the best of our ability. We provide flasks, food, runes, potions, repairs, and a supportive raid environment where we encourage our raiders to have open communication through the use of raid journals.

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday & Thursday 7-9:30PM CST

Recruitment Needs: Mythic raiding XP, consistent attendance, positive attitude, team player, open to constructive criticism, active both in and out of raid.

Our current needs are:

  • Shadow Priest
  • Holy Paladin

Please feel free to reach out via Discord @ .marsela if you are interested or have any other questions!

Looking for a DK (DPS) to trial with us on Wednesday.

Looking for a shadow priest to join our team!

Bump looking for shadow priest still!

Bump - come join us on Wednesday!

Looking for a tank and some dps to join the team!

im down to come play im 2/8 mythic

Bump - searching for a few more talented DPS!

                I'm interested. Add me on Battle.net  NaTuRaL#11214.

Hey! Let’s chat on discord. Marsela#1976

Bump for more DPS!

Searching for a couple more!

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Updated 10.1 recruitment needs

Looking for a couple more to start strong in 10.1!

Searching for a shadow priest!

Searching for a H Paladin as well.

Looking for more to trial tonight!

Message me on discord if you would like to find out more about our raid team.

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