6/9 Mythic raider experience LF raiding guild 7-10pm est, 2 day a week schedule

Basically looking for an active guild that is on the 2 a week 6 hour raiding schedule. 1030 eastern probably latest I’d consider raiding. I have a 446 SP, and open to playing other roles based on team needs… Also, willing to server transfer for the right fit. If interested please respond on here with your guild info, or add my b-tag name buttercup#1858. Thank you and have a good day.

Hey there! Saltforged, I’m Illidan is looking for a shadow priest. Current prog is 5/9M with raids on wed/Thurs 7-9:30pm cst. My discord is .marsela if you’d line to chat!


Hey Neurosixx,

Squirt on Area-52 is 4/9M (with sub 10% pulls on Rashok) and looking for a Shadow Priest for our mythic core.

If you’re down for stay up a little bit later, we raid 8-11pm EST Friday and Saturday.

Add us to bnet so we can chat; saeilfa#1679, bantou#1403, leha#11627.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yeah thanks, I’m really looking for something that ends a little sooner than 11. I should’ve clarified a little bit better, I’m looking for a Monday-Thursday kinda deal. I’ve been raiding Friday nights for awhile, and I’m kinda burnt on having raid take up my weekends from family. Thank you for your interest though. gl on finding someone.

just bumping here. Still looking for a long-term active raiding guild, clarifying days for a Monday-Thursday 7ish-1030 latest schedule. Buttercup#1858 , or reply on here if interested.