[H/A] <Achievement> recruiting!

Achievement is a multifaceted, social guild that strives to create and foster a strong sense of community in all aspects of the game. We are a Liquid Women in Warcraft (LWiW) approved guild, and we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, fun, and relaxing atmosphere that players of all styles can call home in World of Warcraft. Whether you’re new to WoW, a longtime veteran, or coming back after a break, there’s something for everyone in Achievement!

Do you like collecting things, earning achievements, and making a number go up? There’s bunches of us that do, as well! More into M+? We have plenty of folks who do that regularly too, from lower keys for learning, to KSM and beyond! Interested in raiding? We do that here; check out our times below. Or maybe you’re just looking to unwind a bit when you log in to WoW–if so, there’s a place for you here!

We hold monthly, weekly, and seasonal challenges to participate in, as well as all sorts of regular organized events: chilling and fishing, transmog farming, old raid meta achievements, outdoor rare mob hunting murderballs, mount and pet farming, scavenger hunts, some mini-games we’ve devised along the way, and lots more!

Current raiding schedule for Dragonflight S4 is as follows. All times are server time.

Casual Sunday (normal Awakened raids and possibly early heroic): 6 - 9 PM
Wednesday LFR: 6 PM
Thursday heroic prog: 5 - 8 PM
Friday Pandaria Remix: 6 - 9 PM

Wednesday or Thursday may be turned into a second Remix raid night as S4 goes on. Currently, our prog group is full and will finish up for the season in early June. If you are interested in laid-back raiding, either Awakened or Remix, come check us out!

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, you can contact one of the following people in game:





First! But not last :grin:
I have been a dedicated member of this guild for over a year now; time and time again, my unyielding pride in this guild is rewarded when I see newer members feeling comfortable joining events, asking questions, get excited about the new events coming up and making friends out of eachother!

This is not simply a guild that you sit in, just to have a name over your head. You will hopefully quickly see that when you join Achievement!


We have a Mhynlo.


As a newer member, I can 100% confirm that the entire guild has been incredibly welcoming, helpful, and kind to me, and I am still fairly new to Warcraft having started playing within the last two years so it was a great way for me to get into the more serious parts of the community aspects of WoW (keys, guild events, etc.)! Very quickly after joining with an alt, I decided to move my main over to WrA and have her join Achievement as well because of how much I already felt a part of it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Especially being someone who is normally shy at first, I very quickly felt settled in and so many of the other members truly made me feel like a part of it all with how friendly everyone is. Sending my heartfelt thank yous to the GM, Co-GM and Officers for promoting such a wonderful community and to everyone who has had fun with me the last few weeks! It’s been a blessing and a great time all around, and everyone involved has been incredibly lovely! :heart:


Listen. Listen.
I don’t mean to brag, but this guild is quite spectacular.
Decided to try horde in October of 2020, asked for some help and Lonely, the GM, messaged me, invited me to the guild, and that was it. I had never run mythic dungeons before, raided, or anything, because random groups can be rough and harsh. Ruckuspaw taught me so much about my druid and how to tank, and never once made me feel crappy about my gameplay. I’ve met some of my best friends in the guild, and quite frankly, some of the best players I’ve seen outside of professionals. Do you know what those fantastic players do? Help everyone. No judgement, no elitism.
The best part? You get pelted with glitter when you join, that crap doesn’t come out. It stays with you forever , just like us. :wink:


When I founded Achievement in 2020, I had no idea what it would become, despite me having big ambitions and dreams for it. Though I had to pass on leadership to Galafen in late 2021 because my work schedule changed and I no longer had the time to maintain the guild and give it the love it deserved, I am proud to say the guild became so much more than I ever expected.

The officers dedicate so much time and resources to making sure the guild always has something new and exciting going on. They work so hard to keep the game engaging, fun, and enjoyable for everyone.

The community in Achievement is outstanding. People are always willing to lend a helping hand where they can, and push everyone else around them to try new things and improve their gaming experience. There’s always someone online and ready to chat, whether it’s about the game, the weather, or what’s happening in the real world. A guild that laughs and plays together, stays together. We really are a family here.

If you want a guild that cares about you and helps build you up, that takes the time to help you achieve your goals, and complete your collections… then look no further. Achievement is exactly what you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any member you see online and they can point you in the right direction to get your questions answered and get you a guild invite!


Hello everyone. I am a current member of the guild known as Zarno although I am not currently in the guild they do just about everything. Highly recommend you join it.

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Look no further, this guild has something for everyone.

Mythics, Raiding, PvP, Mog farming, Collection/Achieve hunting, and more - you’ll regularly find members enjoying every aspect of WoW content together.

You’ll enjoy a unique guild ranking system that rewards members and promotes a positive culture.

You’ll get access to a fully boosted Discord community that enhances member experience expotentially.

You’ll find regular guild events including extremely creative games/activities held in-game that’ll keep you always looking forward to the next.

Most importantly you’ll join a diverse group of friendly people who, together, elevate this guild to legendary status.

But don’t just take it from me, look at what these users had to say:

“10/10” - Gmrgoopr
“Couldn’t get much better.” -Sam3toes
“Leadership does it right.” -PZzZzeeter
“Far above the rest.” - Rinkydinkytanky


I’ve been part of this guild since late summer of last year. Everyone is incredibly friendly, helpful, and let me sing Dolly and Dot as a battle cry. They are honestly my online fam and I’m glad to be a part of their community.

I will try to look out for you guys in game. Your raid times are perfect for me in MST. Totally fine if you’re not looking for more right now, I would be happy to participate in the other activities!

So, you’ve found yourself browsing for guilds on the forums.

Hi, I’m Dredge. You may remember me from such posts as “Look no further.”

Curious about what it’s like to be part of Achievement? Let’s find out together.

At Achievement you can unapologetically share those photos of your cat, take a hard stance on glitter, or only talk in gifs…because Achievement is living your best life and Achievement is YOU.

Lots of good stuff happening in April!

–Glory of the Legion Raider
–Organized fisher friend events
–Transmog Thursdays

And more!

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Ding dong the Jailer’s dead.

We’ve logged our first kill of the Jailer this weekend and our pushing our way through heroic. This guild has been great with a large variety of events from old raid metas and transmog to KSM/KSH pushes.

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We’ve had lots of new folks join recently–come check us out and join the fun!

I joined this guild in the fall of 2021, by searching online and then checking out their website. We took a risk and paid the server transfer, and WAS IT EVER WORTH IT!
We knew we wanted an active guild, supportive environment, and with enough people on for late night West Coast activities. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the community I’ve found here <3
Everyone is supportive with questions, Discord is more engaging than any other guild I’ve ever been a part of, and I have become a significantly better player, because others have taken the time to give me tips and pointers. I’ve been comfortable enough to push myself through content I wouldn’t normally try. And my achievement points have SKYROCKETED!!!
The casual guild events are what first had me hooked, and now I’ve worked my way on to the raid team!
If you’re a gal looking for a comfortable and safe gaming environment - this is the guild for you. Prior to this guild, I literally used to refuse to be in voice, for fear I’d be “outed” as a chick. But there are a ton of welcoming ladies, and supportive dudes (and quite a few couples). I wanted to point that out as I didn’t know how it important it was for me until I found it.
I am so grateful I found this guild, and consider this my online family <3


We kicked off May with a Glory of the Uldir Raider run! I was glad to see a lot of newer members join in the fun. Later this month, we’re having a couple of Tanking 101 sessions for folks who want to learn the role, and another raid meta to be voted on by members!

As a bonus for joining, you’ll get to learn the lyrics to the Dolly and Dot song!


If you enjoy collecting pets, farming mounts, raid metas, casual current raiding, mythic+, and an active discord with near-daily in-game events and numerous people to play WoW with at all hours, then come join the guild!

To the top! With the addition of the Veilstrider meta, we’re putting together lots of events for members who are interested in getting it before Dragonflight hits. Even if achievement hunting isn’t necessarily your thing, if you’re looking for a laid back, welcoming guild that does stuff, come check us out! And learn the Dolly and Dot song!

We’d especially love to have a few more tanks and/or healers who are interested in doing keys regularly.

I will look out for your members in game. 20+ years RP and started playing Warcraft 2004.

Hi there, I haven’t played for a little over a year and am looking to resub and refresh before Dragonflight releases. I sorely miss having a fun group of people to do stuff with and prefer a more social environment over try-hard raiding.