[H]2 LF Guild 174 Enhance Sham + 170 BeastM

Copied from Aunchidoun, Cho’gall and Laughing Skull since all are connected Realms Now

We are Horde:
174 Enhance Shaman
170 Beast Master Hunter

My girlfriend and I are looking for a Mythic+ And Casual Raiding Guild.
Tues/Thursday 8EST-11EST would be ideal but are flexible with time and even Mon/Sat

We are wanting to do more Keys and actually start raiding this expansion ( she started late Legion but hasnt raided yet; Ive raided Vanilla-early Cata looking to get back into it )

We’d love to find a place with like mind adults that are looking to be inclusive with everyone. Its a game we want to relax and have a good time!!

My Discord is Reon#1919
I will also check out the forum often Im on it most of the day at work tbh xD

Hi there Hawt n hordy a casual guild starting up raid team with a raid group clearing thro normal ATM with plans to raid heroic we are 6/10n 1/10h. Our raid times are 730wed 830sat to 10 for now possibly to change in future. We have a mature crowd with a focus on learning and working together to help us all move forward and build friendships together. If this sounds like something you would be interested in you can find us in game or on guilds of wow we are in the guild finder in-game as well. ps I’m not sure how to link in the forums to us but u can find us easy enough in-game on elude. We do already have a few couples who play here together.