[H-WRA] Skyheart Tribe is recruiting!

The Skyheart Tribe is recruiting those who wish to experience life while also being with others to encourage your success, happiness, and journey. We are a family welcoming those who wander, create, teach, fight, and lead, allowing you to soar among clouds and stay grounded. We strive to teach and practice the traditions and culture of the shu’halo with Spirit Walks and great hunts to honor the Earth Mother, and to help you get on the right path of life through her eyes. We are currently seeking Warbraves, Braves, Wisdom, Craftsmen, and more Free Spirits to help our tribe grow. If you are experienced in officer positions, the High Council and Sunbreaker roles give you the opportunity to show your leadership.

Below are descriptions of the ranks:

Chieftain : The head honcho. Anyone with the title of Chieftain is the leader of the tribe. Taina is the chieftain of the tribe.

High Council : People with this role are the Chieftain’s second-in-command and are officers of the guild. They will be in charge if the Chieftain is busy or otherwise not available.

Wisdom : Those with the Wisdom rank are the teachers, sages, and Spiritwalkers of the tribe. They provide teachings and help to those who need it, and can also help advance class talents, abilities, or professions.

Sunbreakers : Those with this title are the Skyheart’s commanders, helping to train the Braves and Warbraves. Sunbreakers may also go into hostile zones with Warbraves, such as battlegrounds and arenas.

Warbraves : The elite fighters that go out and fight those who threaten the tribe or the Horde. This is a good choice for people who enjoy RPPVP and Warmode.

Braves : Those who fight to protect and secure our tribe are the courageous Braves. They make sure no enemy harms anyone of the tribe, and may be ranged or melee classes.

Craftsmen : These are people who are skilled in a profession that can help the tribe. These can include the in-game professions or others. Maybe you make blankets and candles, or toys for the calves of the tribe. Whatever you make, you will have the Craftsman role.

Free Spirits : These members are the heart and soul of Skyheart! They give our tribe spirit and spread our love to others.

We are looking forward to meet some of you if you want to join the tribe, please contact me as I am the High Council of the tribe or Chieftain Taina! And remember…A’ke washte towatenke. May your spirit soar among us!


Bump! Awesome :smiley: I’ll be reaching out soon!

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Awesome! We are usually found in Orgrimmar, just look for me or Taina! :smiley:

Oh wow! I’ve been looking for something for some time since I’m getting back into WoW, I’ll have to check you guys out.

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Be sure to ask anyone around! We are still open to new people :smiley:

I had a lot of fun RPing with yall when you came to visit Lohn’gol! I’m super excited to see whatever yall do next!

It was a real delight when I RP’d with you guys! I so want to visit you guys next time I get on Taurus, y’all so awesome! <3

I’ve been meaning to get on but have had some RL stuff, I’ll def try later tonight to see if I can catch you guys!

Your guild sounds very lovely. Question. It could have already been answered and I just missed it. Are you guys a Turean only guild?

Take your time! No need to rush. :smiley:

Actually, yes and no, we do welcome other races into it!

‘Skyheart’ has been my screen name… for 7+ years now. Seeing it in a guild recruitment thread was slightly alarming!

I don’t play a lot of Horde and I haven’t met these people, but I’m gonna give the forum some attention just because of their cool name. 10/10 would share same name. Good luck with your guild! :blush:

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The Skyheart tribe are some cool folk :slight_smile:


Bumping this thread to update something…The Skyheart Tribe will be found in Thunderbluff instead of Orgrimmar. Due to the ongoing war, as part of the tribe story line, we has moved to Thunderbluff for the safety of the tribe! If you want to join Skyheart, be sure to seek me or Taina out! :smiley:

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10/10 would share same name. Good luck with your guild! :blush:

You shall be our Alliance-side mascot now. Go team Skyheart!

I love your name. Very nice!



Awesome…if you seek me or Taina out, we will tell you about it!

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Bumping this. We are always recruiting and you can always whisper me or Taurus in-game for questions and comments!

This thread is also a good place to ask about us, once we can get around to it. :heart:

My two Tauren could use a home, I’ll look for ya in-game. :slight_smile:

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Hey there! Are you guys still recruiting/using this thread as your recruitment posting? I’m updating the Horde Guild Directory and just wanted to check in!

Perhaps our paths may cross…I am crippled Sunwalker, but still capable in combat.

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