[H] <Vibrant> 9/9M 9/9H US 57 Recruiting All

High Demand:
Any highly motivated players that want to push ranks/HoF
seeking dedicated and knowledgeable healing officer for HoF focused progression

Dragonflight Raid Schedule:
Monday 9pm-12am EDT
Tuesday 9pm-12am EDT
Wednesday 9pm-12am EDT
Thursday 9pm-12am EDT
Optional sale runs on Sunday until prog is over, then will be moved to Monday.

Starting in 10.2 we will require one viable alt for splits (we will help with the gearing process as needed)

Vibrant is a guild formed by a core group of friends with over 10 years of leadership experience, including raid calling and guild management. Our current goal is to push for Hall of Fame in Dragonflight. To accomplish that goal, we are moving from a 2 day schedule to 3 days, with the first month of new raid tiers including a 4th day.

Vibrant has improved during Dragonflight from US 206 to US 57, achieving Hall of Fame in Aberrus. At the beginning of our leadership in Shadowlands, we were US 536. We are confident we have the competitive mindset and necessary preparation down to be able to continue climbing.

If you’re interested in chasing Hall of Fame with us in Dragonflight, don’t hesitate to apply. We are always seeking top performers in any position, and will be taking the best 20-25 players for the raid tier. If you are hungry to compete and are willing to put in the necessary preparation, whether it be studying the raid fights or grinding outside of them for more player power, you are welcome to try out for the team.

To apply to the guild, please fill out our google form:

For questions or clarifications, please reach out to us on discord:

nemofex (Discord)


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I put in an application, but haven’t heard anything back.

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bump, looking for motivated players to blast

bump, alpha stuff looks pretty cool

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hey , are u guys looking for a ret pally? i’m gonna get my ce this week, looking for a guild to farm

bump, if you have any questions or would like to apply, please add us or use the application.

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Recruiting all classes/specs

Recruiting all classes and specs

Looking for all classes and specs

Recruiting all classes and specs

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recruiting all classes

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Hello Judgement, look forward to talking if interested.

last bump of the night, always looking for competitive team players