[H] Undead Themed Guilds?

Hello Deaders and Non-Deaders,

I’m an RPer looking for a dead-themed guild. Perhaps not entirely composed of undead, but undead friendly.

I’m newish to Horde-side RP but am an avid Forsaken fan and would like to find an active RP home.

Might someone point me in the right direction?

This one sounds so spiffy.
I wish I had time to play regularly.

Good luck with your search!


Not exactly Undead themed, but we do make a special note of saying that undead are welcome with us, and the Advance is technically a joint unit between the Argents and the Ebon Blade!

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I have a Blood Elf DK that I rarely play, but would be interested in RPing. I don’t have a really good idea of his personality, but his theme is a master runecrafter.

I’d need to give the character more thought, if you’re interested in having him around while I work that out.

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Sure! You can hop into our discord and hang out if you like - a link can be found on our webite at https://argentadvance.carrd.co/# or you can DM me directly on Discord at Mirchea#1392.