<The Undercouncil>, a New Undead RP Guild!

The Undercouncil has risen through the ashes of the Fourth War, seeking retribution for the Forsaken and representation of the Undead. To bring about reform and change amongst the wider undead population, a Council has been formed to represent the diverse and complex people that encompass the state of undeath. And they are seeking representatives from all corners of Azeroth.”


A new guild conceived by a group of roleplayers on Moon Guard who missed the aesthetic and story of an undead focused RP group. The Undercouncil seeks to revitalize the Undead RP community; therefore, they also seek to improve the quality of Roleplay in the Horde server-wide.

Whereas other guilds have a general meeting format of “Welcome back, here is a debrief of our previous meeting, and here is what we plan to do this month for our campaign,” The Undercouncil will be taking a different approach to the format of meetings.

The High Kindlers (Officers) and the Guildmaster will deliberate and plan events and campaigns to introduce to the guild in a Council based, Robert’s Rules Lite group. All inducted members to the Council will represent not just themselves, but entire groups and factions created within the Council. This will enable a more complex and detailed campaign structure, as the missions presented will not have a goal deigned by the planner of the events; rather, the Council will decide the goal. Will the war criminal face execution, fair trial, or be utilized as a tool by the Council? These questions will not only be answered by the Council, but formed by it as well. Though some events will have obvious militaristic, covert, diplomatic, or social goals, they can be accomplished in an infinite number of ways based entirely on a roleplayer’s creativity.


The Council will also be given the opportunity to present their own ideas (with prior OOC approval by the Officers and GM) or to expand the story of the Council as an ongoing narrative. As Councilors participate more as members of the Guild, they will be given higher rank and power to their votes, as their experience would signal that they hold greater sway in the Council. A Councilor can even grow to Chair their own Committee or Group that represents a different arm of the Guild, whether they are granted such a title or create a Group to preside over will be open ended to the events that unfold during council meetings.


The guild is not entirely exclusive to characters of the Undead race, nor are their meetings. Dark Rangers, Abominations capable of communication, and even Death Knights are either welcome to join the guild or participate at some level.

The Watchers are the muscled arm of the Guild, and are made up of all sorts from mercenaries to Deathguards. They will not have any say in political Council meetings, but will be given their own opportunities to expand the narrative of the Council’s will. This complex arm will be expanded upon to interested parties, though they must contact Jaydela (the Guildmaster) or any officers directly as of posting this advertisement for information.

During the General Council meetings, which include all potential and current members of the Council, the public will be able to enter proceedings and speak, present, or request something to the Council during an allotted period, as well as witness the inner workings of Forsaken politics as they grow and develop from the din created by the loss of a militaristic monarch.

Quality is our Mission & Goal

The Guild’s first priority is to foster quality roleplay, and that quality will be shown by those that represent the guild who have a commitment to not only creating a mature roleplaying environment that others enjoy, but one that they themselves enjoy.


Any and all requesting to have more information regarding the guild need only ask, and applications are always open to join and become a Councilor or a Watcher.

Note: To be accepted as a full fledged member of the guild, the player’s character must be at least level 20 (with exceptions being made with the new level change). To be inducted as a member and participate as a character in the wider narrative, a short backstory and minor personal character check will have to be approved by an Officer or the GM at their discretion.


Color me intrigued!



High Chairperson: This is the Guildmaster who presides over the High Kindler meetings, most Chair meetings, and the General Council meeting. They will rarely share their thoughts unless directly asked to or when a situation necessitates their intervention.

High Kindler: This is the Officer position. They hold the highest positions of power in the council, and they have the opportunity to motion to veto decisions made by the Council. Outside of meetings, they are also the core planning team for guild growth, events, and campaigns. They conduct private meetings with each other, and always have direct control over entire sections of the Council. In example, The Watchers will be directly under the command of a High Kindler despite the Watchers not being directly involved in Council politics or proceedings.

Chair: These are seasoned Senators who have power over a committee of both senators and councilors. Though they do not have significantly more power over the rest of the Council, their terms, advice, and motions are generally considered more prominent or important to the Council’s structure. They have the right to hold committee meetings for the committee they are the Chair of. They are expected to hold meetings at least once a month if not more often and contribute to the Guild in a meaningful way. A Chair’s appointment can be changed if the Council deems they are not meeting their requirements. This is the only role in the Guild subject to dynamic and chaotic change, but it can be maintained through dedication by the Chair.

Senator: These are more seasoned Councilors of the Guild. Their vote is worth One and a half votes, versus the Councilor’s one. To attain this priviledge requires participation and dedication to the guild.

Councilor: An inducted, in character member of the Guild. They are granted all the basic powers that their office will afford them, and represent themselves and others in the Council’s democratic process.

Watcher: This is NOT a councilor position. They have no power in voting procedure; however, they have a slight preference in military events and are the “bodyguards” of the general council. They will also have their own events and missions that are woven into the wider Undercouncil narrative. This means that they do not have to be involved or interested at all in the Political Process, but they are not excluded from the process and are encouraged to listen or follow along to see how they are represented by their High Kindler and create their own roleplaying dynamic. Their position is complicated, and therefore warrants explanation to those that show an interest in how they operate and what they do.

The Unkindled: These are uninducted members of the guild who seek to prove themselves for one reason or another as a Councilor or a member of the Watchers.

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Very interested! Currently have a Gnome Warlock that I plan to faction transfer shortly before the pre-patch event goes live. Will definitely reach out as soon as I do!

Is this a Forsaken only guild? Just wondering. I am very interested.

My read is no based on this:

My concern is this:

This sounds apolitical with regard to a certain figure that previously lead the Forsaken. Those of us that were increasingly frustrated and angry about actions that could have damaged our relations with the greater Horde - would we have a voice too? The Desolate Council was a definite positive step in my character’s opinion and I’m excited to hear more about this organization.

Sorry for the late response! Yes, the guild will not discriminate based on political views in game. Whether that is Sylvanas Loyalist or Desolate Council-esque types. One of the goals is to represent the Forsaken in a more Democratic setting, with intrigue powering a good portion of the RP in a far different way from how it is in other political/intrigue based guilds!


Is the guild very active? I have not found anyone online when I searched.

Sorry for not replying! We had a slow week (what with the politics this past week). We are active, but very small right now! It’s best to send me in game mail!

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I’ve seen you guys advertise occasionally in-game and always did a little happy clap at my desk when I saw it! More Horde RP and MOAR UNDEAD! I’d highly suggest hopping into some of the various Horde community Discords if you haven’t already - there’s been a good bit of interest for active, Forsaken-themed guilds. There’s also two events coming up that allow guild recruiting for RP guilds - The Orgrimmar Market and Guild Expo, which is every third Sunday of the month at 7:30 server time in the Valley of Honor (so November 15th this month) which is a Horde-only event, and Wanderer’s World Exchange, which is on the third Monday of every month (November 16th this month) at 8:00 server time, in the Lower City, Shattrath, which is a neutral event.

You can find a lot of those aforementioned Discords listed in this thread!

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Bumpie Bump for my favorite Horde guild!

This guild sounds very interesting and something that I was thinking about for a guild idea as well.

Are you still recruiting?

Yes! We are always recruiting. Feel free to send me some in game mail or to send me a PST when I am online and I can get back to you ASAP!


I just created a forsaken mage and I think this guild would be a good fit. What time do you all normally play? Everytime I’ve done a /who, no one has shown up. Thanks!

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Hi! Like I replied to Whitechurch, I recommend sending me some in game mail and we can chat through there. Finding a consistent schedule for everyone atm is difficult, but if you ever see me online, do not hesitate to send me a PST!

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Best Forsaken Guild on the server! You read their IC discord channel is like reading a book from Christe Golding! They’re AMAZING!

Most excellent. I’ve sent you an in-game missive!