[H- Thrall-US] < Insomnia> 2/11 M is recruiting


We are a group of experienced players looking to bolster our raid team. We are focused on mythic prog and looking to add a third day for more casual heroic players. The guild leadership has experience in mythic raiding and a clear plan to achieve our goal.

Our goals:

Strive to be consistently improving ourselves and our team. Strive to have open communication with our team, we feel everyone has a right to provide input and make suggestions.

Raid Times/Days:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8PM – 11PM EST

Current Progression:

2/11 M
10/11 H

We are looking for dps, tank off specs are a plus!
We are open to talking to any interested player!

What we want in a teammate:

Experienced players that know their class and can play at a high level. If you can play multiple classes at a high level, even better (but not required). We want people that can do mechanics and not stand in the fire. We want people with integrity, who are reliable, patient and respect the time of the other people in the raid. We want people that can communicate and participate in an open and honest dialogue. A willingness to learn and improve is much preferred over an elitist attitude.

What you can expect from us:

A stable guild with strong leadership experience and a desire to constantly improve. Open and honest communication, no raging or yelling when mistakes and wipes happen. We have a focused, friendly, low drama raid environment with friendly banter. We will provide cauldrons, feasts, repairs, pots, gems, and enchants.

What we require:

Working microphone/headset

Push to talk (not enforced, but preferred for raid)

Stable internet connection for raiding

Addons: EXRT, and Weak auras

We also welcome any M+ key runners and those that want to focus on PVP. We try to run RBG’s once a week when people are interested. We have several key running groups, and the guild can always use more tanks and healers to help out with getting those M+ keys done.

If we seem like a good fit for you and you are interested in chatting, contact one of us!

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whos ready for some Keys?!?!?

I am feeling some alt gearing

getting closer to SL!!!

Who got the beta?

NO beta club boys and girls

No beta here yet either

anyone raid testing?

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No beta for me either! Ready to test raid ASAP

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Good Morning Everyone if you are looking for a new Home In Shadowlands come talk to us

Good morning all! If you’re looking for quality people with a terrific community for clearing content and having a great time doing it - then just message one of us!

We are a really great group of people!

Hey I added ya on bnet to chat about joining I also have a discord NotYourAverageHealer#5566

accepted your bnet!

im not ready for work Feelsbadman

I’m interested :slight_smile: Kitsunesama#11527 is my bnet

Request sent your way!

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Koala says Hi!

Bump for Shadowlands

Still looking for a few dps!