[H- Thrall-US] < Insomnia> 2/11 M is recruiting

F in the chat for Reclears

Still no Beta, still hype for SL though!!

Same! Looking forward to SL more and more!

No Beta Club Dudes and Dudettes

I hear Koala’s are pretty fun!

hello friends

Good morning! Still looking for a few dps!

just a few

Why don’t chicken breasts poke through the packaing? THEY AINT GOT NO NIPPLES!

chicken noises

My favorite band(s) are Dance Gavin Dance, System of a Down, Tides of Man, Of Monsters and Men, and The Dear Hunter. How about yours?

i love dance gavin dance!!

Pumped for 10/26!

Hey we are a brand new guild on [US][H][Thrall] called Battle Tendency. If you guys are interested, we could combine our efforts into one guild. We have plans to raid seriously come Shadowlands and we already have a couple players that are capable of doing so. I’m sure we can work out similar officer positions for your leadership. Please let me know if you guys are interested! -BT: Aer#11580

How’s the xpac treating everyone!?

Looking for some quality dps to push forward with!

Still looking for more!! Rebuilding the mythic roster and looking to get CE in tier 2 and on hit us up, PvPer,M+,causal raiding come chat as-well!! Pretty chill vibes

Need some ranged in our life!

Mages, locks, boomies. hunters…lets have a chat!

Need some more ranged, maybe a tank if its a good fit!!! come chat