[H] <The Defiance> 10/10 N 2/10 H AOTC guild looking for more!

The Defiance, a tight-knit guild focused on heroic raiding, is relaunching after a hiatus at the end of Shadowlands! If you’re an adult who wants a relaxed, friendly, collaborative raiding experience - but still wants to clear AOTC - we’re the perfect community for you.

Current openings: Looking for two more dps of any class, and we’re always looking for more M+ players, and substitute healers and dps!

Even if you aren’t interesting in raiding, we’re always looking to grow our community of Mythic+ and casual players as well!

Raid Schedule:
Thursday/Sunday, 6:30PT/8:30CT, going until roughly 9:00PT/11:00CT

For us, AOTC is the name of the game! There’s nothing more rewarding than banding together as a team to learn fights and progress through content. As soon as Vault of the Incarnates launches, we will start in normal difficulty before progressing into heroic after we clear.

Building a healthy, positive community is important to us. We want players who take a relaxed, fun approach to the game - but also put in the time and effort to help the guild as a whole achieve common goals. If you’re a busy adult who can’t devote HOURS and HOURS to the game, but still takes pride in your parses, you’ll fit in great here! We have a zero tolerance policy for rude, bigoted or toxic behavior and we’ve never had any serious drama.

If you are interested in The Defiance, or if you have any questions about the above, please add Tim#1765 as a friend in game or message Adversarial#3162 on Discord, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. See you on the Dragon Isles!

Join us! Fun group of adult gamers who genuinely appreciate the game and doing what it takes to get the job done. I joined this guild at start of shadowlands, zero raid experience and they quickly took me in and turned me into a seasoned raider who only stands in fire for 10 seconds instead of 20!!

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Yes come join our team! Best raiding experience I’ve had in wow has been getting AOTC with this crew in Shadowlands!

Updated our post!

Still looking for one more dps!!

Post updated with current recruitment!

The post has been updated with our current openings!