[H] <Stormhowl Clan> - Storm Home has fallen!

See most recent post! The following information will be updated in the near future.
The Stormhowl Clan

What is the Stormhowl Clan?

Formed in June 2017, the Stormhowl Clan is a spiritualistic-warrior themed clan of orcs, tauren and trolls who are seeking to return to their respective roots while still progressing towards the future and overcoming whatever obstacles come their way.

Hundreds of hours have been invested in researching the ways in which the clan can be unique yet still remain within the confines of World of Warcraft lore. Even real world studies into viking clans, samurai clans, tribal societies and similar cultures, as well as an in-depth study of orcish clans has helped shaped what Stormhowl is today.

Although the clan infrastructure was heavily influenced by orcish culture, the internal aspects are reminiscent of tauren and troll cultures in how they honor the spirits which is through action and tribute.

Because of the culture and traditions the clan cultivates, the clan pulled out of the Horde due to conflicts regarding following the current Warchief, for (hopefully) obvious reasons. They hope to return to the Horde once an honorable and respectable Warchief, one worthy of their oath, takes the mantle once more. Until that time they are merely Horde-neutral.

What is the RP focus of the clan? What are its goals?

The RP focus is tending to general clan life. Connecting with the spirits, hunting, surviving and so on. We put a lot of emphasis on character development, as individuals and as clansman.

Right now we're focusing on a campaign that takes out of Northrend which brings us into current content. After it is done we'll be heading back home and back to life as usual.

Currently scouting for more trolls and tauren!

Will you be doing PvE/PvP?

RP will always be our primary focus. But that's not to say we won't be doing PvE and PvP as a group. We want push for raiding or mythic dungeons as well but keep it to a casual, fun setting.

Raid days are Tues/Weds. Most guilds usually raid on those days, so in order not to punish our guildmates who would miss events on those days, we decided to go along with that schedule.

What does Stormhowl offer?

  • Unique clan culture built around the Ok'moragon. The Ok'moragon covers the clan's culture, serves as a greeting, farewell and warcry, governs the ritual all Stormhowlers use to honor the spirits as well as the aspects and principles in which all Stormhowl live by.

  • An immersive, lore-driven (both canon and clan) environment catered specifically to clan life. This also includes an immersive, detailed clan den known at Storm Home located in Conquest Hold, Grizzly Hills.
  • A unique set of customs and traditions inspired by different clans and tribes of orcs, tauren and trolls. Including a traditional Blooding Ceremony, bonding ceremonies for pups, bondong to one of the clan's spiritual patrons and an in-depth armor crafting system.
  • Lots of character development and growth opportunities. We have all sorts of training to take part in. Most can be done by request! We even encourage and promote character story arcs!
  • Dungeon Master (DM) events using a base D20 system with modifiers. Trophies given out after major victories which add character abilities or stats.
  • At least 12 events a month, not including regularly scheduled events such as the Clan Howl, our monthly IC gathering and our goofy peon nights. Impromptu RP happens regularly between them.
  • Story arcs! Usually consist of 2 or 3 chains that build up into a large finale.
  • A welcoming and friendly environment with a closeknit community. Everyone is treated like family. That's because once a character os blooded they are Stormhowler first and everything else second. We are a family.
  • We have a font of lore/roleplaying knowledge and encourage both beginner and veterans alike to join in and take advantage of everything we have to offer!

I'm interested in joining! What do I do?

Go ahead and check out the website first (link below). DO NOT apply to it or join it. It's just where we keep the clan's info.

Get with me or someone who can invite in game. Alternatively you can poke me on discord. (info below)

You join into a non-clan/ooc rank. Use this time to mingle with the clan, in-character and out-of-character, and review the website. Once you think it'll be a good fit we can then do the Blooding Ceremony. After that you're a Stormhowler! That in is when the fun truly begins


Officers/Contacts: Vuraka / @Dapper Gent#2988 (Discord), Haranida, Morzog, Treeflits

Guild HQ: Conquest Hold, aka Storm Home (as of 6/11/17)

Guild Site: stormhowl.com (No need to join it. Just read through it.)
Ol' Brokthar and his spiritual successor were officially retired so I decided to make a new post. I'll be starting to keep events and other activities up in here.

Starting with a new tradition, a merit system, that was implemented a few days ago.

The Stormhowl clansmen will now be receiving beads based on meritable achievements. These beads are primarily carved from gems but special ones will be crafted from wood, bone, stone and metal. They are handed put for any number of feats and eventually grow to include modifiers for our combat system. Here are this month's recipients.

Pathfinder (Green Bead)

Ayukara (2), Manmaimer (2), Morzog (2), Haranida (2), Sethra

Sacrifice (Yellow Bead)


Clan and Spirits (Red)

Haranida, Lukashka, Manmaimer, Morzog, Sethra, Shor'dun, Treeflits, Tryxaga, Wubex

Wisdom (Orange)


Leadership (Blue)


Mastery (Purple)

Ayukara, Haranida, Kelbjorn, Lukashka, Sethra, Shor'dun

Special Beads

Tree'flit received the Mor'agh's Mark, a large metal bead. Gives +1 to his primary attribute.

Burskrim, Haranida, Manmaimer and Morzog receives the Chief's Chosen to brand them as Elders in the clan. These heavy metal beads mark their rank and gives a +1 attribute and +1 skill of their choice.
It's that time again! Our monthly Clan Howl.


Our newest blooded Clansmen are Tryxaga, Kul'chak and Lusa Oka.

No one bumped up to Storm'ar this month though a few came close.

Lukashka, Sethra and Ayukara moved from Storm'ar to Howl'ar.

Haranida completed her Mor'agh trials.

Honorable Mentions

After completing her Mor'agh trials Haranida was selected to become the new High Elder (Spiritualist) and chosen the title of Archdruid of the Stormhowl.


Only one bonding was completed this month.

Tryxaga chose to champion Lefawn.


Pathfinder (Green)

Dunt Manmaimer
Haranida x2
Tree'flit x2

Sacrifice (Orange)

Tryxaga x2

Leadership (Blue)


Clan & Spirits (Red)


Wisdom (Yellow)

Morzog x2

Mastery (Purple)


Story Arc

Morzog is currently working on a sparknotes version of the story arc we're currently on so that people that are new to the clan know what's going on as we are now a few events into it.

Though for an overview of the arc itself...

The clan is Horde-neutral and refuses to swear an oath to Sylvanas who embodies everything the clan is against. However they are currently working alongside the Horde, trying to show them that there are better ways to accomplish their goals without resorting to dishonorable tactics, literally destroying and bleeding Azeroth dry and being forced to blight everything they touch.

As with all arcs we do, there's three chains.

First chain is dealing with Azerite and returning it to Azeroth.

Second chain is helping a troll find pieces of a Kul'tiran artifact to present to the Zandalari.

Third chain is helping a Zanchuli council member deal with blood trolls.

Story Arc Sparknotes
Summarized by Morzog.

-The clan arrives in Zandalar to assist the Horde.
-They are tasked with going to Kul'tiras, Warfang Hold in Stormsong Valley. They find that is has fallen victim to a plague.
-The clan finds the Tidesage responsible, recovering an artifact from his corpse.
-They meet Atal'fon, the troll who tracked down and killed the Tidesage. Warfang returns to normal and the troll leaves with the artifact and a woman named Vek'tra.
-Shrines dedicated to each of the clan's patrons are erected in the surrounding areas.
-The clan helps their patron of earth recover some Azerite and get into a skirmish with some Kul'tirans.
-The Zanchuli requests the clan to return to Zuldazar to find a missing Rastari scouting party.
-Suspicions are further raised about the woman Vek'tra, the scouts have all been slain and Brokko'jin, the Rastari scout leader, is taken back to Warfang to tend to his wounds.
-Atal'fon returns to Warfang to meet the Stormhowl, requesting aid in freeing some spirits from a derelict ship, and recover another artifact piece.
-The clan finds the ghost ship shrouded in thick fog and screaming lost souls. Those with the affinity of fire manage to burn their way through.
-A creature of Drust has corrupted the once artifact-blessed ship, using the blue orb itself to do so. The clan defeats this wicker beast and reclaims the artifact, freeing the Kul'tiran spirits in the process.
-The artifact is reluctantly handed over to a more than eager Atal'fon.
Had an addition to our story so far last night.

In Fragmented Reality, a convergence of all three chains in the overall arc, the clan went to find a Brokko'jin who had left their camp without a word. Still needing information from him, the Stormhowl followed him all the way to a cave in Zandalar [The Clan utilized Wailing Caverns for this event].

At the entrance to this cave, they found Atal'fon and Vek'tra having a shouting contest with Brokko'jin, whom had bunkered down inside. Pushing past the two trolls, the clan went to aid Brokko'jin. The Zandalari had stolen a piece of the artifact Atal'fon was trying to reconstruct. Before the clan could find him, Brokko'jin was attacked. Having his wrists and ankles sliced and having a dagger plunged into his stomach, Brokko'jin was annoyed and told the clan to push on while he recovered.

The clan then went deeper into the cave and found an azerite cluster, which the assailant was infusing the artifsct with. Once they were spotted, they created a portal and tried to escape. The clan followed them and found themselves scattered throughout the caves. Though something was amiss.

As one of the clansmen stepped through the portal, they were greeted by the chieftain who immediately stabbed them before fleeing. The clan would then proceed to hunt the assailant as it took on the disguise of a clansmen and attacked each of the allies while also trying to steal more Azerite.

[Players were selected, through whispers, to play the role of the assailant who either attacked their clansmen or tried to absorb more azerite. Finding or countering the assailant did damage to them.]

After a lot of confusion and paranoia, the clan finally did enough damage to capture the assailant. The Rastari turned Blood Troll, Una'fey, was wanted by the Zanchuli and thus turned over to the Zandalari. In the ending commotion, Atal'fon had collected his artifact piece, thanked the clan for their assistant and promptly left.

At 4 events down and 7 to go, our story arc has already pushed the clan's mental, physical and emotional limitations. And there's still several stops left on this journey before the clan can return home.
Congratulations to Tryxaga, our latest addition to the Elder Council!

Stormhowl Clan cured my broken leg! Much recommended!

Hah! Thanks, Razor!

Just wanted to give the ad a little bump. Haven’t had a chance to visit the new forums yet as I found it wasn’t friendly on my phone.

Our campaign in BfA has concluded and what a wonderful, bizarre, heartbreaking and yet epic adventure it has been. We’ll be returning to Storm Home and back to life as usual in Northrend.

We’re long over due for an update. The clan went on hiatus in late December. We anticipated only being away for a few weeks, until after the holidays. Real life had other plans for most of the clan, including myself and the other officers. I have only recently been able to return to the game myself and plan on picking it up again in the near future.

Until then you can find me on Vuraka, Akuwanda, Teikoda or Rokgaru here for information about the clan, for some RP or just to chat.

I am currently recruiting in Orgrimmar and will be there through most of the day. Teikoda is camped out by the bonfire in the Valley of Wisdom. Feel free to stop by and talk to him, especially about the clan!

Our events pick up again this weekend with a journey back to Storm Home! The first week or two will be getting the new recruits up to par with clan lore and the dice system before we start focusing more on story development, both personal and clan based.

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Today we’ll be rounding up the newest recruits and leading them to Storm Home. Come visit me in Orgrimmar and join in on the journey home. See what the clan is about how your character can become part of it! Ok’moragosh!

We’ll be hosting a small lesson on the clan’s Targ tonight. Not sure what that is? Join in on the session and find out! We’ll be starting in about 30 minutes, located in Storm Home/Conquest Hold.

Just a little bump, bump for the clan!

It’s been quiet…too quiet.

We’re still kicking around Grizzly Hills, running small stuff and having a good ol’ time.

The clan is once more gearing up to host the fall Kosh’harg once more! We’re also preparing for our next major story arc which will begin shortly after that. For now we’ll be working on character development and spreading out the ranks. So lots of hunts, trainings and other shenanigans in the mean time!

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I need to get back in the habit of adding post-Clan Howl information.

We had quite the list this month!




Clansman to Storm’ar



Pathfinder (Green)

Canon – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.
Kirijsu – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.
Kro’gar – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.
Soren’esque [Karara] – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.
Tree’flit – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.
Umhra – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.

Leadership (Blue)

Soren’esque [Karara] - Lead clansmen to defeat invading Humans.

Sacrifice (Orange)

Kehya – For stepping in to protect a clansman.

Clan & Spirits (Red)

Canon – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.
Kirijsu – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.
Kro’gar – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.
Kwa’jin - Defending Stormhowl lands.
Soren’esque [Karara] (2) – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy, Defending Stormhowl lands.
Su Zi [Suzlet] - For providing care for a clansmen in needed.
Tree’flit – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy.
Umhra – Completing the hunt and facing an unknown enemy, Defending Stormhowl lands.

Wisdom (Yellow)

Canon – Bound to Curaant.
Duroske - Assisting a clansmen with a personal achievement.
Kwa’jin – Assisting a clansmen with a personal achievement.
Matti (2)– Bound to Curaant, Assisting a clansmen with a personal achievement.
Pozzy - Assisting a clansmen with a personal achievement.
Soren’esque [Karara] - Assisting a clansmen with a personal achievement.

Mastery (Purple)

Canon – Completed Role Training (Spiritualist)
Gho’ker – Completed Om’Riggor.
Kehya – Getting her bear form.
Matti (2) – Bound to a Patron, Completed Role Training (Wayfarer)
Pozzy – Completed Role Training (Targcrafter)
Tashkora – Completed Ro’Riggor.

We’re also planning our next major story arc that will be starting after the Kosh’harg Festival in late September. It’ll be kicking off with a mini-arc for new members to come in learn about our patrons and customs before starting up the main arc.

Mini-arcs, mini-arcs and more mini-arcs! Meaning lots of RPing and story elements this month and through September!

We’ll be running a bit of training/re-training through this month. This is so that our veterans and newly blooded clansmen can touch up on what we’re about and how we do things in anticipation to the two mini-arcs we’ll be covering in September, both of which will feed into the main story arc that will be starting at the end of September/beginning of October. I’ll post the event times once we have the official dates for them. We welcome those interested in learning more about the clan and seeing how it operates.

And I forgot to post the event times. Go me!

Ah, well. We’ll be happy to go over everything through impromptu RP if people want or are interested.

We’ll be doing a recruitment drive in Orgrimmar tonight, holding a feast for anyone to come over and inquire about the clan. We’ll be set up the Valley of Wisdom around 4pm to 6pm server time.

We had a fantastic turn out for this month’s Clan Howl! Not only did we get a good number of members present but we had a LOT of good things to hand out, from promotions, to beads, to info and even a clan naming!


Kaz’rosh [formerly Soren]
Su Zi

Clansman to Storm’ar
(Can now wear their Targ ICly.)

Mor’agh to Elder Council



Kehya x2




Suzi x3
Matti x2
Sanguhoof (once blooded)
Toramah (once blooded)

Clan & Spirits

Umhra (once blooded)
Gryntarna (once blooded)
Redan(once blooded)




Su Zi x2
Kaz’rosh x2

Special Beads

Tree’flit - Chief’s Chosen (+1 to Primary Stat, +1 to Skill), for making Elder Council.

Haranida, Kehya, Tree’flit - Greater Blessed Bead (+2 to Diplomacy, Inquiries, History Knowledge), given for going to the memorial of the Burning of Teldrassil.
Kadu, Vuraka - Lesser Blessed Bead (+1 to Diplomacy, Inquiries, History Knowledge), given for going to the memorial of the Burning of Teldrassil.

Clan IC Announcemen

Vuraka went over the upcoming Kosh’harg to let the clan know that it’s coming.

The chieftain also made an announcement that the clan will be doing contract work in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Rok’garun will be leading these.

(OOCly, this will feed into our major story arc.)