[H] Spriest seeking friend(s) and guild

Longtime player (since launch, so I’m old) and I’ve just come back to the game after about a year of off time. Guild I was in died and I’ve lost my one IRL friend that I played with (sad story) which means I’m pretty lonely :pensive:
This all means I would like to get to know new people to play with

So, stuff about me:
My priest is my precious main, picking flowers and mixing drinks (herb/alch). I dabble in most every other class but gravitate to ranged dps.
I’m mostly a filthy casual. I do achievement hunting for fun, sometimes farming for anything, exploring lore rich areas. Really playing around is what I like to do.
On the other end, I love raiding and doing other group PvE. I’ve been through heroic to mythic of almost everything while I was very active in the game (up to BfA), AOTC for several raids. The challenge is fun, but I am sorta mediocre DPS when it comes to mythic raiding. I do the work to know what I’m doing though!
I play in the afternoons to evening, late night when there’s a lot of new content for me to explore. Sundays and Fridays are filled with real world obligations so I’m not usually on those days. I want to connect with people that have similar availability.

As for a guild, I’m looking for something moderately sized that’s into raiding first and foremost, with a 2-3 times weekly schedule and runs not much later than midnight EST. I’m open to something outside of that with the right people. I know that with it being so late in the current expansion there won’t be much emphasis on raids, but certainly would be looking for it being the plan when new ones arrive. A group willing to help me with gear more on-par with current endgame would be great.

I hope this post means new friends come my way

tag: EmphasisOnNo#1539
Discord is an easy way to contact me otherwise: Syrial#3072