[H] <Smooth Brain> 10/10H 1/10M Looking for healer and warlock

Smooth Brain
We are a guild on Bleeding Hollow Horde looking for dps and a a few healers. The guild is comprised of a group of returning US Top 100 players who stopped raiding in BfA because…well ya know and are making a return for Shadowlands. Since forming at the beginning of June we have been focused on building a roster of experienced raiders who fit in the relaxed environment we’re aiming for. With many of us having experience in higher end raiding the target for the guild is to progress in the US 100-200 range. As a result, we are taking our time with recruitment in order to meet these goals.
Though primarily a WoW raiding guild, most of the gang will do high keys or play other games with each other (League, FFIV, Warzone, etc.). While we are more than welcoming to those who simply wish to raid the full Smooth Brain experience in much more.

Current recruitment needs:
Melee DPS – X
Ranged DPS – Mage Lock
Healer - Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Druid

With a new expansion just around the corner we are flexible to what people are looking to play and are open to changes for Shadowlands
Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 8:30-11:30 EST
Currently raiding casually on Tuesdays and Thursdays for heroic and first few mythic

To Apply:
http:// smoothbrain.info /


If you have any questions or would like additional info please feel free to reach out to either
James (GM): James#1657 (Btag) ZunnyD#9491 (Discord)
Jake (3rd wheel): pryze#1275 (Btag) jake#4527 (Discord)


Still looking for Ranged dps and maybe 1 good melee

Need some big gamers in here!

still need ranged dps and a healer!

Join in on the funsies. :slight_smile:

we have the hottest guys here

Still need people!

crazy how we dont have more people applying with how many hot guys we have here

Need all the range!

still looking people

Looking for DPS still! We’ll make it worth your while. :wink:

still need phat ranged

ranged and more ranged

im all hot and bothered

High demand for melee, especially rogue!

…with that being said. Hi Dent.

Need big brain melee.

Bump for some melee dps

Slands is close!

Still looking

Come to the Smooth side…we have cookies