[H] Skysparks <Aman'Thul>


(H) >Skysparks Aman’thul Oceanic

About Us
Currently Aman’Thul’s #1 Horde progression guild.

We are a casual raiding guild who enjoy the challenge of content/raid progression with like minded players. We have a small roster of committed raiders who are looking to push in to further progression come 8.1. We are currently 2/8M Uldir.

Our goals for 8.1
Build existing ranks
Push heroic raiding
Ease into mythic progression
And strive to hold our top Horde rank.

Raids and schedules
Progression - Wednesday 630pm -930pm
Progression - Friday 630pm -930pm
Progression - Saturday 7pm -late
Keystone - Thursday 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Fun/Drink raid - Sunday 6:30-9:30pm

What you can expect from us:
Progression focused
An extremely active and helpful guild
Guild repairs and consumables supplied
Friendly and social w/ an extremely active Discord
Organised Mythic+ key runs/Alt night raids (casual players welcome)
Active PVPers - Building a rated BG teams

Who we are looking for:
Priority - Healers/Ranged DPS w/ solid raiding experience
DPS w/ tanking offspecs for Mythic++ Keystone nights
Mature players who are punctual and prepared to raid
Players who own their mistakes and accept criticisms as a part of progression Proactive raiders w/ prior knowledge of content
How to Contact Us
In game - /who Skysparks (ask for an officer)
Officers - Naughtynurse (GM) /Lazydk (Assist GM)/ Untankz/Bloodfurries/Lilspesh (officers)
Battle Tag: Lazy#1697 (Co-GM) Untankz#1242 (Officer) Kungmoopanda#1817 (GM)
Discord: discord.gg/XnrUxba