[H] <Sigil> 3/10M LFM

Sigil are reforming our raid team for Mythic Shadowlands on [H] Barthilas .

Previously Omen of [A] Aman’Thul , established in 2007, after skipping BFA, and a server and faction change, we are reforming our Mythic Raid Team for Shadowlands. We are an Australian based guild, with raid times that have historically worked for players from AU, NZ and SE Asia.

Currently recruiting players of all classes and roles, with the aim of hitting Cutting Edge again in Shadowlands.

Raid Schedule

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (2 Prog, 1 Farm)

9pm – 12am Server Time (GMT +10)

Our goal is to hit Cutting Edge for each tier in Shadowlands, without creating a toxic atmosphere. Our returning veterans have been raiding together dating back to The Burning Crusade, and keep coming back for the good times, and the desire to get things done.

New, current and returning players welcome. We’re especially interested in current or returning players with previous Mythic raiding experience, or who want to make the jump from Heroic to Mythic raiding in Shadowlands.

If interested, please contact Del, or drop a reply below.





Bump still LFM DPS

Still looking for DPS to round out the roster. Currently looking for more ranged in general but especially Hunter, Mage & Rogue.

We are still lookig for a few for more to round out the team: 1xHunter, 1xMage and 1xRet

Still looking for;
1 x Hunter
1 x Ret Pally
1 x Holy / Disc Priest

We are Tonixx. I saw you added me. Looking forward to a chat.

Need a Warlock?, due to recent events I have unlimited time to play WoW looking to go for CE, Last cutting edge I got was in BFA Ghuun, before life got in the way, but now my life is just WoW :grin::+1:t4:

Hey Pepino. Sorry the only clas we are open for at the moment is DH

Shadow priest from Illidan. Since my time zone change from EST to JST, I literally can’t raid unless I quit my job. I’m sure you have no open spots by now but if there’s any competition for mythic spots I’d gladly join just to run some heroic if it could net me a spot. Fogell#1980

Currently looking for a DPS War and Healer Priest (Disc or Holy)

Bump. Currently 9/10H, 1/10M.

Currently looking for DH, DK, Holy / Disc Priest or Resto Druid, Mage, and considering any other exceptional dps.

Hello, Are you still looking for a DH ?

Bump for progress and updated recruitment.

Currently looking for;

Disc/Holy Priest