[H] <SAVAGE FACTORY> LFM Tue/Thur 8:30PM-11:30PM (EST)

Hello All!

Savage Factory is a raiding guild on the Turalyon Server. The Cookie Factory raid team runs Tuesday/Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm EST. We have finished every tier with AotC, currently just a heroic pushing guild, but we are aiming to get back into mythic. We are a laid back guild of friendly players, both raiders and non-raiders. Our guild mates range in variety and we strive to make everyone feel welcome. If you don’t want to raid but want a place to chill and have a alt in or run some keys don’t be afraid to still join us.

12/12 N NYA
12/12 H NYA

Tue/Thur: 8:30pm-11:30pm EST

Recruitment Needs:

Prot. Warrior
Death Knight

Or atleast a off spec for tank just in case we need it.

Resto Druid
Mist. Monk
H Pal

Range DPS:


These are just preferences in what we want in our raid, if you dont see your class on here still apply or message still looking to accept players to join our core!

Food, Flasks, and pots are provided by the guild so you don’t have to worry about supplying yourself.


Voice Chat: Discord (You do not need to have a mic but must be able to listen)
Addons: DBM, Exorsus Raid Tools
Contact: If you have any further questions or are interested in joining us, feel free to contact us:

Raid Leader: Kirito, Yui (Espy#1119), Discord: Espy#6977
Officer: Atsa, Fatsoul (Shango#1125), Discord: Shango#5511

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Great group of people and some good core raiders.


Woo Mekka down! Still looking for people!


Yesss… Ohh yes

Heyyyoooo! This is indeed a complete sentence!

Delicious. Sooooo delicious. In my mouth.

Give it to me. Yes. Oh yes.

That’s so weird to say.

Your telling me haha.

To the top! Come raid, M+, and tickle fight with us!

Still looking for more amazing dps to fill our roster! Come on and enjoy some cookies and pizza!!!

Always looking for more good people to join our team! Come join for a fun time with the new content in 8.2!

Looking for some great dps!

Not only still accepting new members, but if you join within the 48 hours we will let you join twice!

(For a limited time only. This article is void where prohibited, taxed, or otherwise restricted.)

Looking for more peeps to fill up roster, come join the fun! :smiley:

Currently progressing through Heroic Ny’alotha and always looking for good raiders. Also feel free to join us if you’re just looking for a home to be a social/casual player!

Raid Leader: Kirito, Yui (Espy#1119), Discord: Espy#0001
Officer: Atsa, Fatsoul (Shango#1125), Discord: Shango#5511

Always looking for good people. Currently farming Heroic Ny’alotha and anxiously awaiting Shadowlands!