[H-RP/PvE] Blackheart Accord is recruiting!

In the face ever present threats to Azeroth and the Horde, its soldiers must stand as one to ensure their very survival. To further advance the goals of the Horde, promote unity and order between its members, and ultimately secure a lasting peace for its free peoples, our allies must stand together. The Blackheart Accord does just this. If you call the Horde your home, Blackheart will give you a way to fight for her.

All may answer the call of the Blackheart Accord, and all who do stand to protect their homes, their families, their freedoms, For the Horde!

< Blackheart Accord > is special operations unit of the Horde military, searching for new operatives to join in the fight protect our homes, land, freedom and loved ones. All races and backgrounds are welcomed with open arms, as we operate as a subsection of the Horde military. Food, free lodging, and monetary compensation are provided IC, as well as the possibility of gaining ranks as time progresses.


Blackheart Accord was tasked with an important mission: make their way to a previously uninhabited land, an island just east of Swamp of Sorrows, and cultivate a new city and land for the Horde. Specifically, they were tasked with creating a home for the displaced: the Forsaken, driven out of the Undercity; the farmers and civilians who lived far afield of the major civilizations, whose lands were stolen from them; and others who had no home to return to after both the Legion and the Fourth War ruined their lives.

With the entire company in tow, Blackheart left their home in Ashenvale for a new one in the Eastern Kingdoms. But as always, diplomacy is important – the Alliance have noted the new arrivals, and inquiries are fast being made into the Horde’s presence in the area. It will take a deft sword hand as well as a skilled tongue to make a new home here – not to mention the threats to the civilians yet to come!


  • We are an 18+ guild with in-game events at least 1-2 times a week that has been around for almost two years now. We have our own guild d20 system which we use for our events, which is fairly simple and easy to pick up, and allows for characters of all ranks to select traits to customize their playstyle in combat. Our events are primarily story-driven, with non-officer DMs welcomed and encouraged to create stories of their own for everyone to enjoy.
  • We strive to create a relaxed environment for players who are primarily interested in RPing with a group of friends. We’re mostly a guild full of working adults who band together to create good stories.
  • All races and classes affiliated with the Horde are welcome!
  • We also have a guild discord, where we post announcements about events and gauge interest in a variety of OOC topics. We are a friendly guild and we enjoy spending time with one another both IC and OOC, in WoW and also in other games. (We have had guild ARK servers, guild linkshells in FFXIV, and more.)


  • We currently have a casual raid team! In the first tier, our team cleared Normal and also got our AOTC on Heroic Nathria. Our current raid night is Wednesdays from 6pm ST to 8:30 ST. For 9.1, we are planning on being a little more relaxed and spending more time in Normal, considering the stretch of time between patches this expansion. But several of us are still interested in our AOTC!
  • At this time, we are accepting anyone who is primarily a roleplayer who wishes to try their hand at raiding. No experience necessary, though we will ask you to learn and play your class as best you can.
  • We are currently looking for a tank, melee DPS, and a non-druid healer with DPS off-spec! We would prefer not to have any more hunters, but may make an exception for a particularly strong contender looking to “retire” to once a week raiding.
  • You may join Blackheart without being an RP member of our community. However, we expect that you respect our roleplayers and their time, and understand that many of our raiders are casual players who are primarily interested in storytelling.

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining, please feel free to post here with any questions, or PM any of our members online for more information. Our guild is run by veteran members on a council, along with our co-GMs (Lormeus & Eleeria, alts: Ailos, Itheranir, Revenants, & Zayir), so any of the guild is happy to answer your questions or point you to someone who can!


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This guild is neat and I love several people in it. :heart: Would capture their flag again.


flailing Kermit Arms Here

Good people.


I just recently joined and boy howdy everyone’s so friendly! Great members, solid group of people. :slight_smile:


I think Blackheart is a pretty cool guild. Tehy kills alleince and doesnt afraid of anything.


Fun, social group with great horde military themed RP! I’ve been here for like over a year!

I’ve never done anything more than a year.


Love Horde military style guilds. Hope to see ya’ll around!

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May have to seek you out on my Sin’dorei Paladin. Love the theme.

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Thanks! We’re around and recruiting!

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A snippet from General Silverwing’s journal:

Well, the pirates who escaped us in the Jade Forest were easily tracked by our forces. They likely weren’t anticipating a sizeable military unit to be following them when they made idle threats on our lives and slipped away from us out to sea. In any case, they were dispatched handily. I think Operative Eldrin has a new career as a cannoneer – if he ever decides to stop being a Brewmaster, of course. How he managed to fire so many amazing shots while completely drunk is beyond my knowledge.

The Warmaster is leading the strike this week in Dire Maul. I know gladiatorial combat is personal to him, so I have no qualms about standing back and watching him work. If anything, I can learn from him as I do so. Hopefully, we’ll shut this “Shipping Company” down once and for all, and retire happily to our homes come next month.

With our naval combat trial run last week having great success (and lots of giggles as the drunk brewmaster rolled a nat 100 on a cannon shot), we move forward into this week, having restructured our plot slightly with pre-patch on the horizon.

We have two events this week, and we plan on having events leading up to and continuing into the pre-patch. If you’re looking for a military guild to call home, we’re recruiting and happy to talk to you!

The First true rp guild I joined on this server, amazing people all around!! <3


These people sure are swell! If you want a good guild you can’t go wrong here :slight_smile:


Today marked our IC & OOC guild meeting, to discuss what’s changing with Blackheart going into Shadowlands, as well as everyone’s favorite: guild promotions!

We welcomed ten new Sentinels today! I’m pretty sure this is a record for promotions. Sentinel is our middle rank, and we’re so very happy to have many Operatives who have stuck around with us through the content drought purely to make great stories with us. We also commended two of our newly promoted Sentinels for their work with advancing the science of the Horde & its peoples, as well as for exemplary work in healing of Blackheart as well as several NPCs who had contracted a mysterious illness during our last campaign.

The jig is up as well OOC: Blackheart will be creating a raid team come Shadowlands! While we are by no means planning to sacrifice the quality of our RP for PvE, many of our members have asked for a normal raid team for transmog purposes, and we’ve been hard at work putting it all together.

We have a pre-patch campaign planned and ready to go as soon as it’s here, as well as the start of a main campaign for Shadowlands. Now’s a great time to join as we’re gearing up for the excitement. Feel free to reach out to any guild member and they’ll put you in contact with someone who can interview you!

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Congratulations to Yjrassil Donadieu, our reigning Blackheart Fight Night champion! Yjrassil earned a trophy and bragging rights until the next Fight Night.

Though we’re in ‘downtime’ between campaigns as we await the pre-patch, we still have plenty of events to go around, many of them with other guilds and organizations.

Next week, we’ll be headed to Vol’kar Legion’s base of operations to play a second round of capture the flag, as well as socialize with them. Here’s hoping Blackheart can bring the flag home this time! Additionally, our Blood Knights are joining with the new Blood Knight community and heading on a pilgrimage to the Sunwell, in order to teach new adepts and initiates about the history of the Order. The new BK community is a personal project of mine, and one I am very excited to be working with Zanrethan and Tytheril from Steel and Ash on.

The week after, we’ll be heading out to Pandaria for a favorite of our recurring events: Survival Island! Hosted by the Mercenaries Union, Survival island is a free for all event that pits friend and foe against one another in a winner takes all for the championship belt. Think Hunger Games or Battle Royale , if it were non-lethal and healers were on hand for when you’re ‘out’.



Looking forward to it though! Always enjoyable when our guilds hang out.


This sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Just started on Zora here, and working on developing her and catching her up before pre-patch, and this sounds like it would just up my alley! Can I contact anyone on Discord for more info, or is in-game better?

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We can do discord. You can message Isoria#7293 if you want to catch Isoria on discord. She’s one of our senior members and one of our ones who handles recruitment and interviews. :slight_smile:

If you’d rather poke someone in game, feel free to poke anyone online and they can either direct you to a Warden or co-GM, or know how to contact them!

This guild sounds right up my character’s alley as well! What times would be good to hit up a guild member for more information?

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Hey there! Most of our members are generally around in the evenings PST in-game (about 6 PST/server time onwards). We have a few people who are taking it easy on content before pre-patch, so feel free to message anyone online and they can get you in touch with a senior member to handle recruitment!

Blackheart comes home, victorious, with the flag grasped firmly in their hands! Stealing it away from Vol’kar, our Sentinel Malus Shatterheart managed to grab the flag in the first round and hold onto it throughout the night, with help specifically from Warden Isoria Bloodhawk and one of our new demon hunters, Operative Dia!

The flag hangs high from our wall of honors for now, but I’m certain Vol’kar (and specifically Ithise!) will be back for it soon.

We also had OOC game night this week playing Among Us, during which we discovered that many of Blackheart are excellent actors. How did I win that game of Among Us when I messed up murdering so many people? We dunno! But we’ll be hosting more game nights and hangouts as we wait for pre-patch.

Our pre-patch campaign is ready and waiting. All we need now is a date. If you’re looking for a guild, we’re happy to have you!