[H-RP] <The Strawmen>

(Syntharia) #61
I do hope many come out to the guilds Market tonight! Unfortunately I will not be in attendance due to work. But even with the few we have, I hope that many come to see it!

(Tonypajamas) #62
I really enjoyed the market! +1 to <The Strawman> - <Shadows of Lordaeron> and <Wrath of Lordaeron>! If I missed anyone, I apologize there were a ton of people out and about.

(Stanislaüs) #63
That was fun as heck. I am very excited to see more interaction between guilds in rp. Also, bofa and the beautiful plot points it could bring~

(Zheco) #64
We in Shadows quite enjoyed last night! We hope to see more!

(Barnabas) #65
11/19/2017 07:11 PMPosted by Zheco
We in Shadows quite enjoyed last night! We hope to see more!

Thank y’all for coming out in such big numbers! We’re hoping to make this at least a fairly regular event going forward, rotating around to different Forsaken settlements and eventually to other racial cities and settlements as well.

(Maleficene) #66
I had a good time. So much so that I did the whole thing on my main

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(Rabenius) #68
I'm interested. When's the best time to catch an officer on?

(Versca) #69
Hello Rabenius!!! I think some of us will be away over the next few days for the holiday. I should be back by Saturday but if you see any of us on, just shoot us a whisper! We are a friendly bunch of wholesome ghouls!!

(Barnabas) #70
11/21/2017 06:19 PMPosted by Rabenius
I'm interested. When's the best time to catch an officer on?

Hello there! Like Verscas said, I know some of us are away for Thanksgiving this week, but I’ll be back on Friday. Be sure to look for us then and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

Alternatively, if you wanted to talk to us BEFORE we’re back in game, we’re generally available through the UndercityUnited Discord channel! I keep mobile on continuously, for my part.

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(Noslferatu) #72
Nos returns to his hole from a long night in Brill. He thinks back on the sound of so many undead in one place while in relative high spirits and at peace. The last time he was around so many it was in lieu of a battle.

He reflects a moment longer before committing his thoughts to paper. He looks at it when he's finished and rips it up. " Too soon to send the letter. Time will be right soon enough."

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(Noslferatu) #77
As Nos wonders around the Forsaken territory, stopping at each town and haunt along the way, he hears his brethren speak about what issues are important to them. Several times he hears mention of past events or gatherings.

The one thing he was hoping to hear on his journey never enters his decrepit ears. He reaches into his pocket and feels the pamphlet he received on that market night, wondering if he will be fortunate to come across news of a gathering which discusses the material within the pages.

(Syntharia) #78
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(Barnabas) #79
We're in the process of hammering out a date for our next market! With the holidays coming up it might take a little doing, or we might end up folding it into one of the larger community market/bazaar events, but we are working to make it happen!

(Suhtrokk) #80
So I'm probably going to make my Warlock here into a Forsaken soon to have a proper Horde alt again. I was originally going to just be yet another "Sure, for the Banshee Queen, why not" so I could reconcile some of the plotlines but you have given me much to ponder.

If you need another weaver of afflictions in your ranks, I'd love to chat.