[H-RP] The Scarred Blade Clan

Ages ago the Scarred Blade was once settled in the mountains of Nagrand, overlooking what would be Garadar. Chieftain Raishiko and the clan devoted themselves to serving the Elements, yet their noble ways turned twisted as they became raiders who pillaged the lands, making rivals of nearby clans, and even the mag’har when they were formed. When Ogre’s began to spread chaos across Nagrand the Scarred Blade had responded with their burning steel and conjuring pillars of fire. The already small Clan had suffered heavy losses, their reckless fighting and poor leadership had not helped them in the battles they faced. One young Blademaster amongst their ranks had grown tired of the incompetence of the Chieftain and his inability to lead his people. A duel to the death was challenged and Raishiko was no longer the Chieftain. From this moment the Scarred Blade would travel to Azeroth, lead by their new Chieftain and forge a new destiny one based on honor, respect for the elements and the natural world.

The Scarred Blade is a primarily orcish clan, however, due to our shamanistic ways all who feel the call of the elements or are willing to learn our traditions are welcome to join. The exceptions to this are users of dark magics such as Fel, Void, Blood, Decay, and Necromancy. Providing an immersive experience centered around orcish tribal culture with themes focusing on brutish survival, progressive character growth, spirituality, clan kinship and finding our place in a dying world. Events facilitate casual RP, character progression, with a simple and immersive D20 experience.

As a Shamanistic clan, we also have our own rituals, ceremonies and patron elements. The most notable patron being Typhos, our Patron of Water who helped the clan heal lands that were corrupted.

We offer an expansive rank system with all ranks being able to be earned through RP. Each with a ceremony or event associated with it starting with our rite of passage known as the Ceremony of Scarring. We tend to make these big celebrations to honor the accomplishments of our Clansmen

  • Ashen Council Ceremony of Ash
  • Warcaller Ceremony of the Elements
  • Champion Ceremony of Strength
  • Wolfmaster Ceremony of Thunder
  • Storm Blade Ceremony of the Storm
  • Wolf Guard Ceremony of the Wolf
  • Seeker Ceremony of Scarring (Om’riggor)
  • Initiate (New Bloods)

As a Guild, we are an 18+ community seeking roleplayers who are ready to get involved in our story, events and immerse their selves in the life of a Clan and even help contribute to the greater storyline and even create their own! We also do casual content including dungeons, PVP, and raids however our main focus will always be the RP.

We are primarily seeking any lore abiding character willing to accept and learn the traditions of the Scarred Blade and become one of the Clan. We are not looking for characters that will join and not embrace their new clan identity, we aren’t Warsong, or Shattered Hand. We are the Scarred Blade.

Contact Information
Gm: Xiano
Discord: Xiano#5966


Don’t RP an Orc, but wishing you the best of luck!

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I mean you’re pretty much a short Orc.

I’ve been with the clan now for almost a year and just to start it off I wanna say how much of an amazing adventure it’s been to see my character progress and how the story arcs that have been created came to be based off the clan and events that took place within the clan rather than just RPing in Orgrimmar or an city etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that! But, I have definitely enjoyed my time within the clan and it’s something that as time progressed my character just felt natural in the clan and the events were very engaging. My character has been through multiple story arcs however I think my most favorable was when I progressed from an Oathbound to an Honor Guard. (At this time the Slayer rank wasn’t in effect yet.) And the Ceremony of Fire was very intriguing and it makes you feel connected with your character and with the clan as a whole, so much so that I actually deleted all but one of my alts and exclusively RP in this guild. If your in need of a clan and or just if your character is a tribe-esque kind of character, that obeys the clan law, and you yourself enjoy the clan lifestyle and brotherhood aspect. Then I highly recommend you give The Scarred Blade Clan a try, and as I mentioned before. The clan has been around for almost a year and my character has been with the clan since the first couple months in and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of me entering the clan and getting to know all the people and enjoying basically every moment of the RP that has come my way so far. Even down to the moments where my character gets the crap kicked out of him, it all ends well and is fun!


Can confirm its indeed fun to beat Tohosoka up even if he never admits I won :P, additionally all my encounters with scarred blade folks have been pleasant.


It has been a wonderful and busy year for the Scarred Blade. we’ve certainly felt the impact of BFA burnout after four sizable campaigns and large story arcs but we are now back.

The Clan has undergone much growth and much hardship as we traveled the world. The Winds of Chaos took many of our kinsmen to the grave as we battled our way to find our place on Azeroth as an independent Clan.

First forced into the War when Dwarves attacked our home in Alterac, only to be weakened when the cultist who follow the old one N’zoth. They came into our lands hoping to unearth a C’thrax that was frozen under the ice in a battle that made us leave our home, marking our departure to Outland’s and our spiritual quest to learn more from the Ancestors.

Now we are once again back in Alterac, where we hope to return to our more grounded roots and recruit new Initiates and provide an immersive tribal RP experience! As well as contribute to a new realm event the Oshu’amon, or known as the Spirit Festival. Oshu’amon Post