[H-RP] <Shadowed Star> Undead/ Death Knight Military RP Guild. Recruiting for Shadowlands

The Forsaken have been forsaken once more. The so-called Banshee Queen has abandoned us to our fates as the Horde disintegrates. The Alliance moves to rule us through the disgusting light-infused atrocity Calia Menethil, that they may have us willingly go to the slaughter. Worse yet, the Lich King rises in the north once more, bent on making slaves of all people. As hopeless as this all may seem, a hidden opportunity lies within. The Dark Lady may have freed us from the Lich King, but she saw us as little more than slaves herself. Free of her tyranny, the time has come to rise up and break the chains that bind us once and for all!

The Order of the Shadowed Star was formed in the wake of Windrunner’s betrayal to ensure that the Forsaken not only survive this crisis, but may once more taste the black fruits of prosperity and abundance. We are guided ineffably by the three tenets of the Forgotten Shadow towards our three great aims. These are the three points of our symbol: the Shadowed Star.

Power, Land, and Prosperity!

Sons and daughters of Lordaeron, RISE UP!


  1. The OSS

The ‘Order of the Shadowed Star’, known in short as the ‘Shadowed Star’, is a Forsaken military unit with an inner Shadow cult with a focus on the Forsaken people’s survival.

The leaders of the Order are our Three Executors, recently given rank due to our now official status as a unit of the Forsaken military.

The OSS is opposed to both the Alliance and the Lich King. The Horde is seen as an alliance of convenience that will eventually be abandoned when the time is right.

  1. The Shadowed Star

The ‘Shadowed Star’ is an occult symbol representative of the Three Points of the Order and of the three tenets of the Forgotten Shadow, though it bears hidden meaning to the upper echelons of the cult.

There are three main rituals associated with this cult and with increased rank: the Branding, the Hollowing, and a third unnamed ritual reserved only for those who are to become a Pillar of the Order. These rituals each require some level of personal sacrifice, and the details of each are kept secret under pain of death.

  1. Rules

The following guild rules are simple: if you don’t follow them, you WILL be removed.

  1. Don’t be a jerk.

  2. Be respectful.

  3. No metagaming or godmoding.

  4. Adhere to the game’s lore when possible.

  5. No slurs or derogatory language in guild chat, the Discord server, or anywhere else.

  6. Requirements to Join

  7. You must be comfortable (both OOC and IC) with RP that potentially involves murder, cult related stuff, long dumb acronyms,and possibly torture.

  8. You must have an RP Addon such as Total Roleplay 3, as well as the Dicemaster addon for use during guild events.

  9. Your character must be Forsaken, a Death Knight or some other undead member of a playable race provided that your character ideologically fits within the guild.

  10. All classes except for Paladin are acceptable

  11. All people wishing to join must pass a brief Out-of-Character interview and a brief In-Character interview.

Contact Vagrul or Eilianna in game if you are interested in joining! Message me on Discord at Vagrul#5479


Like the big man said - contact me in game for more info!
Vive la révolution!


I think I want to join just to find out what the true meaning of the three pointed star is.

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Sounds like our goals align quite closely! Lordaeron Unbound would certainly be interested in collaboration, inasmuch as timezones allow! I really love this guild concept, and wish you guys every success :smiley:

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No slaves. No masters.

For what greater purpose could there be? To exist in the interstice of life and death was no state that any sentient creature of Azeroth could speak to. None but the Forsaken. Forever held in that grey, formless void between the dark expanse and the vivacity of earth. That most sour and damaged path to walk; a road of labored bones and unholy flesh. Anathema so simple.

No slaves. No masters.

He had come down from the mountain. The wretching taste of the primordial annihilation of his homeland the final cause to break dying vegetation and the unyielding stone. Scattered motes of ancient, Lordaeronian earth fell about his skeletal form. He loft his greatsword. He began the path anew. Perhaps now, in the caustic whispers and amidst the defense of those Forsaken, he heard a call that his remnant soul could answer to.

No slaves. No masters.


show me the dead stars
All of them sing.
This is a riot
Religious and clean

-Brian Warner




With the Forsaken now without their liberator and leader, we must now pool our resources, commune our efforts and come together as one if our people are to persevere.


This is the way.


It’d be cool to work with you guys. I’m sure our IC disagreements on a few religious subjects will spice things up as well.

Supporting words from the Ole Snake himself are always appreciated.

Now that is a name that I can get behind!


Yeah that’d be a lot of fun honestly! Sarestha’s always been a bit of an oddity insofar as she still tries to live by the virtues of the Light, although she has the utmost respect for the Forgotten Shadow, and certainly doesn’t regard it with hostility!

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Our first combat event is this Sunday. We’ll be doing some Redistribution in Silverpine.

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Redistribution of wealth for the good of the forsaken, and a little for ourselves.


Our first operation went well. We’ve retaken gold that belongs to the people with no casualties and we’ve take two prisoners. Those two prisoners now await trial by the Shadowed Star


Yay for more undead guilds <3 hope to see yall thrive and grow.


Thank you. We plan on it.

For everyone reading, members of the Shadowed Star shall be deciding the fate of the two prisoners taken during our last operation by vote the first weekend of July


one bony finger hovers over his racial button

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The results of the vote is in. Forsaken Trooper Samson has been determined to be incompetent to stand trial due to head injury and will be placed under protective care until a more permanent solution can be arranged. Trooper Sarah was convicted on one of her three charges, Grand Larceny, and has been sentenced to be re-educated then released.


Released. That’s cute.

Its true, I swear