[H-RP] <Raven Collective> is hiring

Raven Collective is a professional, for-hire, high-end security and intelligence organization. We focus on lore-abiding roleplay that adheres to canon and player-driven storytelling, allowing the chance to shine and build your character.

Out of roleplay, we strive for a friendly and tight-knit community that you look forward to relaxing and playing with. Having just recently moved from another server, we look forward to building our ranks on Wyrmrest Accord.

                                    Who We Are

Our collective has been developed as a reaction towards the complicated nature of war politics, shallow alliances and social disconnections deep within the Horde and Alliance. First and foremost, Raven Collective is motivated by financial gain and payment(In-Character, fictional gold). Secondly, we operate in search of valuable intelligence to broker or save for ourselves.

As a rough reference, we take real-world influences from the likes of Blackwater, MI:6, FBI, Private Contracting Companies and in-game SI:7.

                               Who We Are Looking For

OOCly, we are looking for 18+ roleplayers with an interest in being a part of a small albeit quality community and build the next chapter of their character’s story in a positive and involved setting

ICly, Raven Collective is searching for a wide range of talent. We offer a professional environment to work in the field, hone your skills, have a support system of like-minded colleagues at your back and line your pockets while you do.

A brief IC and OOC interview is required.

If interested, contact Malldreth (GM) or Polluxx (Officer) in-game.
On Discord: WashboardScabs#3965

We would love to have you!


Bumping for visibility

Next leg of our campaign coming this weekend. Would love to have new crew to join!

Resuming campaign and missions right after the holidays. Feel free to approach us for any RP!

Bump. Getting back into the swing post holidays.