[H-RP/PvX] Vanguard of the Warchief

“Fellow members of the Horde, I am Commander Lissarra Sunbrook. I lead the Vanguard of the Warchief, we are an arm of the Kor’kron specializing in employing the widest variety of Horde soldiers available to us. We care little for your homeland, we care only for your desire to destroy the Alliance. We have succeeded in the destruction of Teldrassil, we have prevented the Alliance from taking the Undercity, we will crush the encroaching Night Elf threat on our shores, and we will destroy all who dare to stand in the way of the Horde war machine. Join the Vanguard.”

Hi guys! Sorry if my guild hasn’t updated yet, but we here at the Vanguard are ICly a Sylvanas loyalist guild (While our members have varying OOC opinions) – who are willing to adapt and grow with the story of BfA – so if you’re character isn’t really keen on what Sylvanas has been doing they probably shouldn’t talk about it openly. Our IC/OOC reasoning for supporting Sylvanas mainly boils down to the Horde slogan “Lok’tar ogar!” which translates to “Victory or death!”-- as I’m sure you’re all aware. We believe that Sylvanas has chosen victory, and we will support her in that regard.

That being said, we are recruiting! We have an 8/8 H raid lead preparing for the next raid and have several PvP leads as well. Not only that but we also have several campaigns planned for the upcoming months as well. We are currently a smaller guild but we are active! We do tend to be more night-oriented group. Our RP events are usually 8 server and we’ll typically do dungeons later in the evening as well. However, if you’re up for Randoms and dungeons you’re more than likely to find two to three guildies (With your help we can make it more!) online willing to assist you ^.^

Please feel free to send mail to my character in game to discuss an IC interview, these are currently a bit on the short side as we are focusing more on growth currently. Our dice system will be based on the Warcraft RPG books, but have no fear you will be guided through making your sheet when the time comes for that. If you’re interested in doing a cross-event (Especially if you’re a void elf guild!) or doing an event with us do not hesitate to send me a tell in game as well :slight_smile:

“Lok’tar ogar!”

How many folks do you have on board so far and what kind of PvP experience do your PvP leads have? Arena? RBG? Thanks for any info you might share.

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Hey there, PvP Lead here.

I’m 2200 xp in RBGs, 2k in arena. I’ve got quite a few friends willing to do things with the guild as well who are considerably higher (multi hero/glad xp).

Thanks for the reply. One more question: how heavily does the guild expect members to get into the rp aspect of the guild. I’m more of a light rp’er, and when I;m online I tend to devote most of my time to game things, rather than devoting a lot of my limited time to rp events. More info about me as a player can be found here.

I can answer that part! We just require our members to be active in one sphere. If you’re more into content just do content with the guild. If you’re more into RP, you can RP with us. We do want to push certain content when we have the players able to do so. Be that RBGs, Raiding, or keys!

Thanks for the answer. If I want to apply, is there a website or someone in particular I need to speak to?

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No, we don’t have a website. Just speak to Thyrnn, myself, or Iradri. Or one of our members so they can let us know :slight_smile: