[H-RP-PvP] The Vol'kar Legion

(Buliss) #1
"The beginning of wisdom is the statement 'I do not know.' The person who cannot make that statement is one who will never learn anything. And I have prided myself on my ability to learn." - Warchief Thrall.

"Live by these words: Lok'tar Ogar! Victory.. or death!" - Warchief Garrosh Hellscream.

"This world don't give us nothing. It be our lot to suffer... and our duty to fight back.
This Horde be our family! We don't always see eye-to-eye. We come to blows before. But when we work together - ah - there's nothing this Horde can't do."
- Warchief Vol'jin.

"Ours is a cycle of hatred; alliances forged and broken. We have paid the price for sharing this world and we have forgotten what makes us strong." - Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner.

"The Horde endures." - High Overlord Saurfang.

The Vol'kar Legion is a special operations regiment within the Horde military. It was forged shortly after the Siege of Orgrimmar to replace the nefarious Kor'kron Legion, and to help promote total assimilation, to discourage the "master-race" ideals within the Horde. More importantly, it allows any race within its ranks so long as they call themselves a son or daughter of the Horde (if it is lore friendly, of course!). While disapproving of what the Kor'kron underneath the young Hellscream's rule stood for, the Vol'kar serves in very similar fashion. Their missions, plainly, are:

1) Protect the Warchief,
2) Enforce their command,
3) Defend the Horde in its entirety, including all of its lands, holdings, and stakes, and carry out any will made by the Warchief,
4) To never, ever forget the Siege.

Official Site
Getting Started!
https://tinyurl.com/theICrules / https://tinyurl.com/theOOCrules
DnD system
(Includes DiceMaster!)

PREMISE/HISTORY (As of January 2018)
The triumphant heroes of the Horde returned from Argus, securing the safety and freedom of not just the Horde, but Azeroth itself. Over the course of the Third Legion War, the Vol’kar have risen through the ranks of the Horde, faithfully serving, and proving themselves to be one of the finest units that the Banshee Queen commands. Battle-hardened, and well tested, not even the forces of Dark Titans may halt them in their advance. Several post-Legion campaigns and missions later, all of the soldiers within the Vol’kar are uncertain of what the Horde may turn to. Only time may tell what might become of the red banner, now being led by The Dark Lady, Sylvanas Windrunner.

NOW (As of June, August 2018)


- An excerpt from the command relay, given to each and every Legionnaire as the War of the Thorns commenced.

Time for talk is over. The Burning Legion has been defeated. The Old Gods have been dissuaded. The only ones that are left standing on this very planet are ourselves. From shore to shore, the Vol’kar shall be the ones to spearhead the new rise of the Horde Empire underneath the sphere of Kalimdor. Beit under the reign of the Banshee Queen, or the command of another, the Vol’kar seeks no glory, and they seek no fame. No true leader represents the Horde We are the Horde. While we may not know where this war shall take us, we do know why we must fight. "No task too difficult, no cost too great. The Horde shall always endure."

The Vol’kar were the first into the fray at Darkshore, and the last to leave the Siege of Undercity. All currently employed are some of the most hardened veterans the Horde has to offer. After a classified mission surrounded by espionage and blood, The Vol’kar Legion have found themselves upon the shores of Zandalar, a land rife with mystery and intrigue. Who knows what they may find in store in this ancient land?

Simply send an in-game whisper, or a letter in the mail to any of the rank of Sergeant or above. Special names that will get you an interview almost immediately are: Buliss, Vokur, Dolthar, Neeza, Ithnan, Logarnosh, Zisho, Krumpemboyz, Jarclair, Adalvaldr, Hualing, Juri, Iriari, Ithise, and Razaghar! Be sure to read over all of the information available on the forum post and our quick ‘getting started’ link on our website! Also be diligent on checking if we are actively recruiting or not - we have grown rather popular in the past year, and we may start becoming even more selective in the future!

While the Vol’kar accepts fresh-faced recruits, it is heavily, heavily encouraged that your character is a hardened war veteran, or at least very loyal to the Horde!

(Buliss) #2
The Cohorts are the organization of the Vol'kar Legion. They are their own unit with sub-groups, called companies, which allow them to act with increased efficient and performance. The cohorts intermingle with each other during conflicts, utilizing their size and specializations to give the Horde an edge on the battlefield. However, they exist as one. The cohorts always default to the regular chain of command.

First Cohort
"The Stonereavers"

"Hit em' hard, then hit em' harder."
The First Cohort; The First Blade of Orgrimmar. The Fist of Vokur. Here lies the toughest soldiers The Vol’kar has to offer. The First Company, “The Closed Fist”, Led by the Ill-tempered pandaren, General Neeza Highclaw, with ex-Shado Pan and Lorewalker, Lieutenant General Zisho Quin leading the Second Company, "The Open Palm". Together, The Stonereavers fight with passion in their hearts void of hesitation. Raised in Kun-Lai under pandaren Ideals of emotional restraint, teachings General Highclaw could never fully accept, she found herself an outsider in her own home. The General set out, eventually joining the Vol'kar and becoming one of the most ambitious of their ranks. The First embodies the heart of the Horde; wild brothers and sisters of all creeds and race, standing shoulder to shoulder, drowning in each other's blood till the last enemy falls. Only strength and honor is respected here, and only through hard work and sacrifice can victory be obtained.

Behind every shield, you will find a soldier. And behind every soldier, you will find his healer. Within the First Cohort, you may also find the Mender's Circle, the Third Company of the Vol'kar Legion, led by Lieutenant General Ithnan Drakenbolt, with his Blood Guard Hualing Softblossom, and notable members such as Senior Sergeant Essalie Westcrown and Sergeant Seraethas Dawncrown . While they may be the few, without these devoted and hard-working healers, the Vol'kar would cease to function. They may never have "just enough" hands, but never waver in their loyalty, nor ability to help.

Second Cohort
"The Obliterators"

"Victory is second to the freedom to kill without pause."
Dolthar Blackfire has long been touted as one of the most heartless members of the Horde. Once a champion of Incineratus, he lent his ear to the promises of fel power, while his mentors failed the Horde, he will not. With the young Lieutenant General Lo'Gar'Nosh as the General's second hand and acting spymaster, the wolfbrother maintains an uneasy relationship with the warlock. One that keeps the cohort in equilibrium of honor and strength. The Second Cohort, now an extension of Blackfire, a paragon of the early Horde mentality. Reveling in bloodshed, for there is no greater joy, chomping at the bit and ravenous. If you have been stuck through, hold fast your enemy weapon, that your brother might strike down your foe with ease. Question not the point of battle, and battle for battle's sake! Those within the First Company, “The Deathbane” will hasten to battle full of bloodlust bellowing out in laughter on the march to slaughter, while those in the Second Company, “Kal'Garn”, (the Storm Worgs,) deal with the shadows of the Vol’kar Legion, and collect information under the guise of secrecy. There is no death, no victory, the only thing is the notches on your belt when you fall. THAT is what you will be remembered by.

Third Cohort
"The Ironwing"

"Through Fire and Steel We Prosper!"
It is these words that drive the very heart the Vol'kar's Third Cohort. (Also known as the Department of Munitions and Logistics.) Led by the stalwart Duke of the Arsenal, the forsaken Jarclair Richards, with his two Lieutenant Generals, Baron Adalvaldr von Harmonn, and Admiral Orruk Rustcleaver. The Ironwing is the most diverse cohort of the legion by virtue of bringing together the largest assortment of trade skilled and eccentric soldiers within the regiment to serve out the purpose of supporting the other Cohorts. The Ironwing oversees every single support option from establishing supply lines, coordinating artillery assaults, managing requisitions and equipment, and more recently the establishment of a well armed fleet. Too often people make the mistake of thinking the Ironwing is never close to the front lines, but whenever there is a desperate soldier reaching for a backup knife, a medic praising his well stocked medical tent, or a holdout squad calling down an earth shattering salvo of gunfire, the Ironwing is right there with them. The Duke leads the First Company, “The Arcanum”, the well-oiled court of Magi, with Baron von Harmonn leading the macabe and somewhat suicidal Second Company simply titled “Siegebreakers”. These soldiers, typically undead, or with signed permission and oath, are men and women who will gladly and wholly give their lives to the cause.

(Buliss) #3

  • A safe and friendly guild atmosphere with emphasis on maturity and camaraderie. Trolls, harassment, and “unsavory” topics are not tolerated, and unmitigated conflict (e.g. “drama”) will be handled quickly and with all the guild members’ best interests in mind. However, guild chat is for mature audiences only. If you're one to get offended quickly and easily, it is not recommended you join.
  • Immersion. We function as a “realistic” military unit with heavy emphasis on honor and hierarchy. We march, train, and go on missions, paying close and special attention to military protocol, conduct, and story. We also take part in "off-duty" activities - tournaments, tavern nights, etc. - so that our soldiers and allies can have some down-time.
  • A wide array of themes to participate within. While primarily and fundamentally a military guild, we explore elements of magic, spiritualism, humanitarianism, cults, and more!
  • A "Dungeon Master" (DM) system of events, where each person's strengths and weakness are defined by their division and role within the unit. These dynamic events vary in type, from characters fighting on their own, to leading a squad in an high-risk assault. Scouting missions allow soldiers to explore landscape and territory in hopes of giving the Legion an advantage in future battle, and even NPC interaction can lead to ups and downs in campaigns.
  • Quality over quantity. While we hope to grow over time, we take special care to ensure quality members and events and to manage our priorities accordingly. We do not compromise our premise, rules, or code of conduct and expect all members to support our ideology.
  • RP-PvP and other types of collaborative RP events with like-minded guilds to support group storylines.
  • Assistance in PvE and PvP. We often participate in battlegrounds and arenas together, as well as run dungeons.We have several high rated arena teams, Mythic+ teams, and have titled experience in Heroic raiding as of Legion. We gained every single AotC possible, and ended with 11/11 Heroic. In Battle for Azeroth, while highly ambitious, we will be attempting mythic raid bosses.
  • PvP is optional. PvE is optional. Role-play is required.


  • A strong grasp of the English language, both in spelling and grammar.
  • Active participation in guild events and discussions.
  • Willingness to learn and apply guild rules, lore, and expectations.
  • Friendly, open-minded players who work well in a group-setting
  • Level 30+ for regular recruits, and 75+ for death knights, as we frequently deploy in end-game content areas.


  • We are not an “elite” PvP (or PvE) guild and do not force our members to participate in PvP or PvE. As a guild, we approach PvP and PvE as secondary to RP, though it is up to the individual player to understand that some events may be limited or inaccessible to them due to low level or inefficient gear. Additionally, we will not take any “non-RPers” and will remove any member who limits themselves to PvP. However, we do love PvP ourselves. There will be little to no issue when it comes to this rule. You either roleplay or you don't.
  • We are not a "big" guild. We do not try to smear our name where we aren't wanted, we don't put ourselves where we aren't welcomed, and we do not ostracize our members. The Vol'kar Legion was created as a small guild and grew over time. The small guild values are still present, and always will be. Everybody is treated as a close friend and the guild is a giant family. There are absolutely NO cliques.
  • We are not an OOC guild. Sometimes we freely talk OOC in /say. We can and do so because we pay 15$ for the game. However, you stop when somebody tells you to. We value our image as both a guild, and reputation among the server. That goes for any joking OOC mannerism or etc.

  • (Buliss) #4

    The Vol'kar Legion's ranking system reflects its military premise. Promotion and advancement is based on several factors, some of the more important being effort, enthusiasm, performance, and participation.

    All soldiers, regardless of rank, are held to a high standard of honor, code, and regulation. A soldier of the Vol'kar is not just any other soldier on the field. They are among the elite, the stalwart, and the dedicated few who would do anything to preserve and protect the Horde.

    High Warlord
    The leader and herald of the Legion, currently held by the "Red Viper", aka Jan-Mak. (Buliss)

    The second-in-command of the Vol'kar Legion. Held by the prestigious and renowned Geomancer, Vokur of the Stonemaul. (Vokur / Vynstorlan)

    The third-in-command of the Vol'kar Legion. Held by three, with no more, and no less. General Neeza Highclaw (Neeza), General Dolthar Blackfire (Dolthar), and General Jarclair Richards (Jarclair).

    Senior CO, Junior CO
    The true front-line commanders. Held by many, they enforce the High Warlord's will and herald many of the divisions. They are tasked with leading their divisions on missions and performing above and beyond the call of duty. Notable members (yet not limited to): Lieutenant General Zisho Quin, Lieutenant General Lo’Gar’Nosh, Lieutenant General Ithnan Drakenbolt, Centurion Vathias Nightsun, Centurion Eranon Emberbrook, Blood Guard Iriari Danishi, Stone Guard Avanoria Everglade, Stone Guard Ruscion, First Sergeant Raz'aghar, and Senior Sergeant Eurphadion Dawnstrider.

    War Council
    Members of the War Council are similar to an elevated advisor. They are appointed by specific pickings of the Warlord and his Officer corps. While these men and women have a say in what goes on in the Legion, they cannot directly take control as an officer can do.
    Champions are assigned here.

    The Champions of the Vol'kar Legion are prestigious honor guards, not officers within the regiment. Upon any personnel reaching the rank of Legionnaire, they are able to pursue championship. With only 10 available positions at any given time, it is a highly competitive sector. Led by the First Champion Mandiyanti, they put their personal lives aside to defend the officer corps and the High Warlord to their dying breath.
    Current Champions: Mandiyanti, Ithise Fleetfoot, A'relan Sunblade, Koman'che Wildclaw, Juri Riverlotus, Garon Bloodrender.

    Senior NCO
    This rank is reserved for the most disciplined of the Legion, held by First and Senior Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Raider-Captains. These men and women have proven themselves extraordinary leaders dedicated to the betterment of the Legion, and assist in leading divisions and battalions on missions.

    Junior NCO
    Junior Non-Commissioned Officers are soldiers who have shown outstanding leadership capabilities. These men and women have proven themselves assets both on and off the battlefield and are pillars of excellence, good behavior, and protocol. They are tasked with overseeing training events, leading groups of soldiers on missions, and mentoring the ranks below them. Their official ranking being "Sergeant".

    The most renowned and respected enlisted men and women within the Vol’kar.These men and women are skilled veteran soldiers of the Legion, who have shown excellent skill and knowledge on and off the battlefield. They are trained and well-respected within both their division and the battalion and may be eligible for promotion to Junior NCO, should they request. These soldiers may lead specialized lectures and training.

    The rankers of the Legion, the "bread-and-butter" of the Horde. These men and women have proven themselves as battle-ready assets. They are expected to carry out orders to the best of their ability and to uphold the expectations of their rank.

    A recruit who has just joined the Legion. All new members start at this rank regardless of character concept. For promotion, they must participate in training and carry out orders issued to them to the best of their ability.

    These men and women are civilians who service themselves to the support of the Vol'kar Legion. These volunteers and hired soldiers ply their skills and trades to the Legion and are expected to take up arms when the High Warlord requires. In exchange, the auxiliary is offered military training and a place of operations - so long as they uphold the regulations of the Legion and honor the High Warlord's authority.

    Rank achieved in other military-themed guilds will not carry over. All new members start at Grunt rank, no exceptions.

    (Buliss) #5
    The Blood Forged

    Led by the young upstart War Leader Ki'lani, Jan-Mak has developed a close relationship to the black operations paramilitary group known as the Blood Forged. Similar in stature, but vastly different in structure, the two groups cross paths often. The bond between orders is stronger than some marriages: Friendship.

    The Southfury Watch

    While no longer led by Overlord Valkosk Blacktongue, Jan-Mak always reveres the great heart of the Horde that is the Southfury Watch. While the two orders don't see eye to eye, and occasionally butt heads, their respect for one another runs as thick as the Southfury itself.

    The Shadows of Lordaeron

    Jan-Mak has always been weary of the Forsaken, and Executor Slade Killingfield, of the Living. Yet after the Battle for Lordaeron, the two find themselves at each other's councils more and more, and so too, their budding friendship. The Horde now more than ever must be united.

    The Wolfmane Tribe

    Chieftain Raton Wolfmane was the very first notable figure that Jan-Mak met once he ascended to the rank of Warlord. The wise bull imparted a great deal of knowledge to the Red Viper, including advising him on his struggles of loyalty to the Horde once the great Vol'jin died. Now that Chieftain Karanga helms the Tribe, Jan-Mak finds himself humbled once again. While they may not ever truly align themselves with the Horde, Jan-Mak would gladly lay down his life for the tribe that saved the Vol'kar dozens of times in Kalimdor.

    NOTABLE ENEMIES (IC enemies of course. We love you OOC!)

    The Call of Lordaeron

    In the early summer, late spring of 2018 (32 L.C.), the Banshee Queen ordered her best soldiers to protect and reinforce the borders of Lordaeron after several orders of zealots were spotted reclaiming lands in an attempt to restart Lordaeron. What was supposed to be one week's worth of clean up turned into several months of brutal guerrilla warfare. While significantly smaller in number, Jan-Mak shall never forget how soundly defeated he was at the hands of Kagrenac Ironheart and Sir Crownsworth of Lordaeron.

    The Seventy Third

    (Names are placed as reputation is built within our storylines!)

    (Buliss) #6

    (Buliss) #7
    And with that.. the Vol'kar is officially open for recruitment once again! Our RP hiatus ends August 29th. Campaigns and storylines will start soon after! While we are on hiatus, the Vol'kar is ICly in Zandalar after a strange, tight-lipped and mysterious mission inside [redacted]. They are acting as emissaries to the Zandalari Empire, while also establishing Horde control. They are acting as extra peacekeepers and enforcers to assist in bringing these new allies to the fold. There's plenty of RP to be found within the city of Dazar'alor!

    The last two reservations will be used for anything of note or extra expansion on the guild. In the future, write-ups, recaps, screenshots, and videos will be broadcasted and shown! Shoutout to Zisho for recording our Battle for Lordaeron, and Chak'ga as well for our second group! (We had over 52 people doing the scenario!)

    I want to give a quick note and express my thanks for all my friends, both inside and guild and out, for always giving your support and love. We live boring lives, but together we make exciting and amazing memories in this game. From WoD's moose runs to Legion's sparklebird, with all those RP-PvP shenanigans in between, I will never forget any detail, and hope you won't either. I love you all!

    Now! -- We filled up one whole thread, let's see how long this will last now that Battle for Azeroth is here! I didn't get anywhere close to server first 120, but I know I was hot on someone's heels for server first 120 Hunter. I think I was second or third. BfA has been AMAZING and I can't wait to finally do campaigns and stories within Zuldazar. This easily soars over Legion in my book.

    Sorry for the forum spam, and apologies to the mods for looking into this thread.

    (Lito) #8
    Would love to join, but not sure if I can from my server. Just recently getting back into WoW, and I'm looking for an active RP guild to join. Seen a lot from you guys and it looks like a ton of fun.

    (Shaysinn) #9
    08/15/2018 08:37 PMPosted by Lito
    Would love to join, but not sure if I can from my server. Just recently getting back into WoW, and I'm looking for an active RP guild to join. Seen a lot from you guys and it looks like a ton of fun.

    If you ever decide to come to WrA, I'm sure you'd enjoy the guild!

    Vol'kar Legion Review
    7.35/5 stars
    Let me preface by saying I'm biased and bad at maths.
    Just kidding! I joined up with this group almost 4 months ago, and man, let me tell ya. My life has not been the same!
    When I'm in game, there's almost always at least 10 people online to chat with (lately its been more in the 20s-30s) and they're such a fun bunch! Constantly making me laugh and smile.
    If I'm not in game, they're always in discord! Sharing screenshots, IRL fun pictures of cute dogs, or just chatting about life or the game. I've learned so much about this game from these people. I've played since 'nilla wafer but I never realized how little I knew before these guys. Don't take that wrong though, they never put anyone down for not knowing every mechanic or bit of lore, just the opposite! They're always so happy to offer the help and info....and that means a lot to me.

    They're just a bunch of cool peeps having a grand ol' time in this, our second-home.

    Thank you Vol'kar for giving me an amazing WoW family! <3 Lok'tar!

    (Miludah) #10
    If I 'ad sum dakka fer every bruvva I'z made frum dese Volkar Boyz i'z be able ta shoot every stoopid humie an treeman git in Kul'Tiras.

    Dey'z gud Boyz, Gork AN Mork guarantee it.

    (Buliss) #11
    Day five of BfA. What're you guys up to? It's been quite the journey for Vol'kar so far. Everyone has been mad rushing world quests and gearing to prepare for Uldir. Even though it's super early, I guess people are just excited!

    Currently we have a writing prompt challenge for those in the guild. The ideas are 1) Your character's reaction to Zandalar, and/or 2) Your character's actions in our super secret mission we embarked on. Hopefully I can share some with those who peruse the forums sometime!

    (Shaysinn) #12
    08/18/2018 01:56 PMPosted by Buliss

    Currently we have a writing prompt challenge for those in the guild. The ideas are 1) Your character's reaction to Zandalar, and/or 2) Your character's actions in our super secret mission we embarked on. Hopefully I can share some with those who peruse the forums sometime!

    I'm really enjoying all the stories so far!

    (Shaysinn) #13
    There has been a lot of fun world pvp happening since people have gotten to 120.

    Last night, for example:


    (Vashta) #14
    Shaysinn, I just want to say that your enthusiasm really makes me want to app to the guild. Thank you for being consistently positive and nice on here.

    (Buliss) #15
    I promise I don't hold her against her will.


    (Mystfire) #16
    So are we not supposed to mention the cell in the basement?

    (Shaysinn) #17
    Hahaha you guys are so funny!

    help me

    (Buliss) #18
    We had quite the rambunctious night doing world PvP today! Saw a lot of familiar faces and off realmers.

    Please don't take what we did personal! ❤️ World PvP always makes us all bloodthirsty. That said, boy it's gonna take awhile to break the ice on "Conqueror of Azeroth".

    (Shaysinn) #19
    08/23/2018 09:19 PMPosted by Buliss
    We had quite the rambunctious night doing world PvP today!

    WPVP seems to be a nightly thing, and I'm really glad I was able to get in on it last night finally!

    Also, before the WPVP, the island expeditions with a couple other guildies was really fun! :D

    (Buliss) #20
    RP hiatus ends Wednesday, with "Landfall" deployment that Thursday. A quick recap event that will include re-establishing ourselves in a new front and a new forward base. There's a ton of campaigns and events in the works, so let's hop to it! Old Gods in Nazmir, Alliance in Vol'dun, and Political intrigue in Zuldazar. It's going to be splendid.