Returning player LF active guild [A/H - RP-PVX]

Hello, I’ve just re subbed and I’ve decided to start actively looking for a guild. A little about me I’m a former War Rider officer if you recognize the name I might have fought with you or against you at some point or another. I’ve had a lot of experience with RP, heroic raiding, and rated PvP. I’m looking to make a new group of friends who are active and love to do anything this game has to offer.

I usually like to main as a tank for PvE but I know that raid spot is usually filled.
I have two 120s and a lot of alts and I’m up to level anything aside from a healer to find a place in a new guild.
My Rogue: H ilvl 370
My DK: A ilvl 281

Give me a rundown of your guild or a link to your website if you have one so I can read up on it.

Welcome back to WoW!

It sounds like you’d fit in well with the Vol’kar! Feel free to check out our forum post which has a link to our website. If you’re interested, just message us in-game and we’ll set up an interview.

If not, I hope you find the guild you’re looking for! You can also check out the Horde Guild Directory for info on many of the Horde’s guilds.

Welcome Back!!!

The Lichbane Clan is currently reforming our ranks after loosing several raiders to RL, so give us a look and see what you think. We don’t have much in the RP front , but it has always been a dream of mine to see that side of the guild grow.

Thanks for your time!!!