Looking for a home

As the title of this post suggests… I’m looking for a home. I have shuffled through a few guilds from asking in trade. They are going good I’m enjoying it and getting to participate in end game content and rp. But, the GM will suddenly vanish and I find myself alone as everyone either leaves the guild or quits playing. Now for what I’m looking for. I’d love to find a guild that is active from just the social aspect to mog/achievement runs to pvp/pve end content. But, I also would love to be able to dabble in a bit of rp. I’m open to any and all suggestions… within reason of course.

If you’re looking for a social guild that RPs, my suggestion would be to RP with random folks until you find some you click with, then start looking into their guilds and figure out which is the best fit for you.

Feel free to check out the Horde Guild Directory as well!

I highly recommend the guild I’m in, The Vol’kar Legion. We’re very active, and we have something going on almost every night. (RP events, RBGs, Raiding)

Our main focus is RP though, so if you’d like, check out our forum post!

For the Horde, I also see Firebrand Enterprises around a lot. Having been in it previously, I can say that thanks to how the leader set it up, it doesn’t rely on them to be active in the slightest. They still are, but them going on vacations wont stop things from being fun.

As long as you’re okay with a more business-oriented (Icly of course) guild and what that entails, they’re a great group to RP with.