💰[H-RP] Firebrand Enterprises is Hiring!

Old and busted



Hello and thank you for considering a partnership with Firebrand Enterprises as the next great step towards your promising future! I’m sure you’ve seen our ads and representatives about, but if you haven’t, let me fill you in!

As an operating subsidiary of the Bilgewater Cartel, Firebrand Enterprises is a multi-industry venture capitalist and investment company. It was founded nearly two years ago by Mrs. V and her husband, Ashagar Firebrand. Through their shrewd dealings and wise investments, the company now boasts well over one hundred employees and partners, millions in assets, along with significant holdings in the Eastern Kingdoms.

:mag_right: “So You’re a mercantile guild?” :mag:

Short answer; yes. For the long answer, just click here.

:thinking: : “But my character isn’t a goblin or a merchant!” :thinking:

Well, nobody's perfect. But we can work with that! We love variety!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: “How do you handle all that?” :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Through vertical and horizontal integration, managerial accountability, and synergistic solutions!

:beers: “What about your guild culture, though?” :beers:

Wondering if you- the person behind the character- will fit in?

:spiral_calendar: “How active are you?” :spiral_calendar:

Very active! Our calendar's never empty!

:black_nib: “How do I contact and/or join you?” :fountain_pen:
Well that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just click the link below and you’ll be guided to our online application process!


Thanks for taking us into consideration! Even if you’ve decided Firebrand Enterprises isn’t the right thing for you, don’t forget about all your other wonderful options, both at home and abroad!

Just make sure to tell them Tamani sent you!

LAST UPDATED: 01-12-20


This thead will no longer be updated. Instead, check out the the link above for the latest in Firebrand Enterprises news and shameless endorsements!


You can find even more about us here: Let's Talk RP Guilds

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LAST UPDATED: 04-05-20

This thread’s been going on for a while and is getting pretty long. I’m going to be working on a new one over the next couple of weeks. I won’t be making weekly updates until then, but they will be back in form or another in the new thread!


Well shucks, I just love talking to my young ones about the Spirits!

I can’t wait to get in on more events as the month goes on!


Bumping for the latest weekend activities update!


By the Fel fires of the Twisting Nether, this bump is brought to you by Firebrand Enterprises…the burning is a bonus.


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The only guild in the game where corporate buzzwords are an appropriate part of the roleplay:

[Sevarak-WyrmrestAccord]: Reading? I admit, that was unexpected. But good. I ask because there will be opportunities for you to use your skills beyond fighting. Knowing what people's interests are helps allocate the appropriate resources to a particular task.

Join the collective.


Join for the chance to grow your character into something you’ll be glad to have made. We’re also a fun bunch of folks to pal around with too.


A chill bunch of grown folks with no drama that love the game. Just the guild I was looking for. Come join us!


We’re hosting a community server event tonight at 6pm! If you want to help build homes for the orphans displaced by the conflict, whisper Veendell ingame :slight_smile:


Bumpity bump bump, love this guild so much!


Has your Zandalari already been swindled out of all their gold and now looking for work? We’re expanding our market presence in Zuldazar and we could use your help! Contact us for your interview, get hired on, and you’ll be a richmon again in no time at all!


You should definitely NOT join this guild if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • Hate guilds full of fun people
  • Loathe awesome storylines
  • Dislike building out your character and getting support from your guildmates

I’m proud to announce that Saturday’s job faire was a rousing success! Join us in welcoming our dozen new employees/prospects into the company! Here’s hoping Firebrand Enterprises is a good fit for you and your character!

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I was really impressed with our membership at the job faire. They are so enthusiastic about our guild that several members went out and worked hard to recruit into this guild without an officer asking them to.

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Join us! The guild needs more Nightborne!


We had one of our largest turnouts for our Guild Movie Night tonight while we watched Solo: A Star Wars Story together. Next month we are going to watch Infinity War before the new End Game Avengers movie comes out. So many fun things to do with this guild!


We also had our largest turnout for the guild transmog contest as well! I don’t know what it says about us that in a costume with an “Opposite Day” theme, most of our employees came dressed either as refined, elegant, upstanding members of society- or something cute.

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In our guild gladiator pit tournament this week, our returning champion swooped in on a plague bat, taunted the audience and promised an epic performance. She promptly went forth to roll nothing above a 5 and get her back broken. Just another humdrum day in Firebrand Enterprises.

Oh and good luck with that back Spritzie. I hope Boz knew what he was doing when he healed you with shadow magic.