How is the server?

How is the server these days? I have been gone for awhile and heard the game is sort of dead compared to the old days in regards to good non tavern based rp and pvp. I dont have a choice on what side I come back to, but would love be proven wrong in guessing ti is bleh at the moment. Thank you in advance

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It is pretty bleh at the moment unfortunately. I do think it is largely more to do with the quality of BFA than anything else. There’s still RP going on and I have seen a few PvP guilds recruiting but it is nothing like it once was in past expansions.

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Things are definitely quieter than it used to be. Since you’re posting from a dwarf Paladin, I suppose you might be interested in the dwarf community (The Mead Hall) or the holy dwarf stuff (Dawnforge) for RP. There are regular tavern nights and typically at least one adventure/combat/etc event per week.

That’s all assuming you’d be interested in that sort of thing - if you’re playing Horde, that doesn’t really work. However it is - things are quieter than in the past, but its not dead.

Where do people hear that this server is dead? There’s plenty of people on these forums that say it isn’t. I just think it’s weird?


I have both horde and alliance. So I am just trying to see if it is worth spending the 15 on a sub to come back :slight_smile:

Horde is pretty popping too. If you check out the link here, for example, our guild is doing something pretty much every night ranging from casual social stuff to adventure/combat to server events.

And that’s only a fraction of it. We’re not the only ones doing stuff.

It’s not easy to gauge by forum activity, though. Most of the stuff that happens gets spread by word of mouth in game, through guilds, or various social media subgroups. If you really want a feel, I suggest making a trial character and doing some exploring with friends. Ask around in game.



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ill do you one better:

why is the server?!

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Why are any of us?

lol. I ask if the server is dead and I get deep meaningful cliff hangers…I see wow is as ADHD as ever :slight_smile:

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It isnt…

Selleth, why do you say it isn’t worth it?

War mode killed the pvp scene. The new gear doesn’t make it any better.

Story is awful, which drove off players so rp took a hit. Unless you adore tavern and date auction rp.

A small snippet

In my opinion, War Mode is rad. It opens up PvP to those that want it without actually forcing people to participate in something they don’t want to engage in.

I actually kind of enjoy it. Sure, it’s not perfect. Know what it is to me? Fun. And that’s why I play games. To have fun.

This is not even remotely true to that being all there is that’s out there.

Edit: it’s worth it in my opinion.


Pvp has always been optional

Definitely isnt fun. More so if you’re horde.

It’s the majority. You’d be hard pressed to find anything else

please don’t call me out like this

Really? I haven’t seen a date auction on this server since the last one I did in 2012.

ALSO, Selleth, just wondering my dude…all you ever do is complain about the game in every other thread on this forum…
You ever think that time could be better put to use finding a different game that you enjoy?


I dont know anyone on those games. I also dont know the lore. And I’m way too far behind to get caught up for pvp

Guess I’m just used to RP-PvP servers with their contested territories. WM reminds me of those days. It’s why I enjoy it.

What? I get stomped more than I do the stomping. I’m a sucker for a challenge so I don’t mind it so much. Again, it’s a fun thing to me. I imagine the Alliance in our shard has more fun, which is why there are so few of us in it.

Lol, no.

Edit: Post on your main. Show us who your WrA character is so we can show you where the TONS of various RP scenes that are out there :wink:

You can always learn lore.

I realized I wasn’t enjoying WoW RP so I went back to forum RP. I’m on a forum right now playing a magical cat that everyone loves. We’re revitalizing a dragon rider RP on the side. It’s really nice. There are plenty of forums with easily accessible lore out there.

And I’m pretty sure most mmos with pvp these days have catchup mechanics. I’ve heard good things about ESO’s PVP. Personally I like mobas for my PVP fix. It’s less gear dependent and more on how you play.

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I did attend a date auction the other month, and there is a Love is in the Air event scheduled for the 22’nd that will include one- for obvious reasons.

The most frequently recurring and publicized server events are indeed of a less combat oriented nature: open air markets, performances, parties, pub nights, scholarly symposiums, story circles, and the like…

But they aren’t the only RP going on. They’re just the widely publicized server events. Because all you need to really coordinate and oversee are the people on your end. Five people could show up, or fifty, and they still last 2 or so hours and go off without a hitch.

Compare that to say a plot driven adventure/combat event. Those require so much more effort and time.

My guild hosts plenty of adventures and a monthly duelists tournament. Even if only 10 people show up, between rolls, emotes, and everyone waiting their turn, it means events can last 3+ hours EASY. For this reason, we don’t advertise these as server wide events. They’re invite only. Even then, we had over 20 attendees at our last tournament.

Our last guild storyline event had over 30 people and lasted nearly 6 hours. We’re never doing anything like that again, and I’ll be darned if we’d ever think of doing something like that as a server event. Meanwhile, our market had nearly 50 attendees last month and we’d love more in that regard!

And right now, Tam is involved in a number of ongoing plots. A friend of hers suffered severe injuries after exposure to Azerite and Void energies and is now in need of long term medical treatment and possible surgery. Another friend of hers was bitten by a snake spirit inhabiting an ancient Zandalari artifact, which has afflicted her with a curse that her amulet is only able to stave off for so long. Another one of her friends lost his airship to pirates and is assembling a crew to go and get it back.

That’s not tavern RP. But it’s also not the kind of RP that I’m going to just pull someone off the street to resolve in a single session. It arose organically. The first people to get invited are people the characters involved already know and trust. It’s not going to be broadcast publically. And while it’ll take place in the open world, the odds of you randomly stumbling upon it are slim to nil.

So yeah, other kinds of RP are definitely out there. I also just mentioned the Horde War Council, who had a meeting the other week and engage in PvP. I didn’t even know they were a thing until the other year, and apparently lots of others didn’t either because the last time I mentioned them here on the forums, I got like a dozen whispers from people wanting to know more.

There’s also the Kosh’harg, which is a seasonal meeting of Orc Clans- which has expanded to include the clans/tribes/warbands/spiritual circles of other races. I played a small part in the two that occured last fall, and there’s another being planned for Spring. I’m on the Discord if anyone wants an invite.

Heck, if anyone is looking for any kind of RP at all, add me on Discord. Tamani#2391. I may not have what you need, but chances are I can at least point you in the right direction. Or if you’re interested, hit me up in game, and I can have Tamani make some in character introductions.