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Happy Holidays, everyone! Tam’s back, and she’s gotten a shiny new promotion along with a pay raise and access to the company boardroom! After lots of OOC (and nearly as much IC) discussion, I’ll now be taking an even larger part in advertising efforts, as well as the recruitment and hiring of new employees. :eye:Expect to see a lot more of me around here! :eye:

In further non-Tamani related news…

Yes, Christmas season is busy time of the year, and that means fewer schedule events. Fortunately for us, stays so busy that even their “slow season” still translates into daily events! All times are server time.
Saturday (and Sunday) have us raiding with Gilded Ivory Cartel at 1pm. If you’re new to raiding or just looking to have a good time with people doing PvE content, this is for you!

Later, at 3pm or if you didn’t want to raid, Nak’gorash- an orc member of the Security branch of the company is hosting an event! He’s going to be leading an expedition into Silithus in search of as-of-yet undisclosed “choice piece of loot”. What could it be? Gold? Azerite? Golden Azerite, which is like regular Azerite, but better because gold?

To cap off a Saturday full of murder and looting, join us as we crash the A Very Tart Winter Veil. It’s a Winter Veil show and party being hosted the Succulent Tart. If you don’t already know them, they’re a very active entertainment troupe with specializations in Burlesque and Vaudeville style shows. They regularly host massive shows, parties, and other social events. Stop on by and show them some love!

Sunday, after some more raiding, we’re having the company Winter Veil party in Orgrimmar! It’s going to occur at… wait, this can’t be right… It says that it’s occurring at the “Broken Tusk Tavern” in some part of the city called the “Valley of… Strength”? Never heard of either of those places. Might still be fun.

Monday is Boss Lady’s day off, so don’t bug her! Even she can’t resist the Winter Veil spirit, though, and at 6pm we’re all going to spread some holiday cheer alongside Scions of Antiquity! Join us as we travel though the city; singing carols and collecting donations of toys and treats to gift to all those orphaned and infirmed due to the recent war.

On Tuesday, we’re meeting with our close associates at Gilded Ivory Cartel again for a crafting event! Join us in the historic district of Dazar’alor and learn a new craft! Who knows, you may find out you have a knack for something you’d never thought you’d be into or simply gain some greater insight into the vocation of others!

Two hours after that event (8pm), we’re going to be teaming up as a guild in order to perform a Hellfire Citadel Transmog run.Narky needs a new pair of shoes! Not to toot my own horn, but on a related note, Firebrand Enterprises also happens to employ many of the most fashionable individuals to be found in all of Azeroth. If you’re looking to give your personal style that much needed shot in the arm, you can’t go wrong with us!

On Wednesday, we take things easy with some Warfronts at 7pm. Yes, you’ve probably done the new warfront about a dozen times already by now, but have you done them with FIREBRAND ENTERPRISES?! It’s like a regular warfront, but with more people in voice chat making jokes and asking what they’re supposed to be doing. Whatever. It’s a warfront. It’s not like you can lose.

At 1pm is a meeting between Boss Lady V and her new accountant ) Skalzz. While this scene will mostly involve V and Skalzz doing business, others are welcome to attend!

Things quiet down until 7pm, when we pick up the next chapter in our LEGACY OF POWER storyline. I’m not super up on the details myself, but I believe it involves the discovery and reactivation of some kind of eldritch machinery in the Netherstorm and the company’s ongoing attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding it so that they can exploit it for financial gain. It’s been going on for weeks now.

So there’s an overview of the next week or so of events! That’s also just the stuff that’s scheduled. We have plenty of impromptu roleplaying and several individual character storylines that weave in and out of one another to form larger ones. Oh, and the planned return of our guild movie nights, cards against humanity, and other non-WoW fun! At Firebrand Enterprises, we are not you’re family. We’re you’re drinking buddies!

Does any of that sound interesting to you? If so, feel free to contact myself, Narkyssa, or Veendell in game!

And never forget, your future is our business!

V’s Player: And you know we’re good if we have people as enthusiastic as Tamanii working for us lol
V: I know, right? Girl exhausts me, no lie at all.
V’s Player: Well, sure but that’s why you pay her after all.
V snorts. : Certain sure it is.

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:christmas_tree: Put on your ugliest Winterveil sweater or skimpiest set of winter clothes! It’s time caroling time! :christmas_tree:

At around 6pm (server time) we’re going to be gathering in Orgrimmar to sing festive songs while accepting gifts and/or donations! We’ll also be drawing in spectators as part of a competition to see who can spread the most holiday cheer. All proceeds are going to orphans and wounded veterans of the war!

Won’t you please think of the children and the troops?!

Don’t care about them? Well then how about working off all those bad deeds you racked up over the past year, so that Great-father Winter will actually get you a gift. What bad deeds? Oh, you know exactly the ones I’m talking about.

Oh yeah… I blabbed. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s winter’s Veil and we’re taking a break. Even so, we have parties and gatherings on the calendar so if you’re looking for something to do that night, you’ve got an option. Community involvement is important to Firebrand.

T’was the weekend before Christmas, and all through the Horde
Everybody was :partying_face:partying :partying_face:- No excuse to be bored!

Boss Lady’s right. We are taking a break- from work. No raiding this weekend. No business ventures. It’s all about relaxing and socializing for the next few days. Of course for a lot of us, socializing is business…

I would have posted about the big Highmountain winter ceremony we attended last night, but between the herb hunting, fishing, rock climbing, storytelling, and other festivities, there just wasn’t any time! That was just the start, though!

It’s okay though, because this afternoon the Firebrand Crew is headed to another Winter Veil party being hosted by the Scions. Eating, drinking, party games and more festive fun! 6:30 sever time! Be there and be merry!

And tomorrow night is going to be an event for our late-night players: Twin’s hosting a game of Charades on the Speedbarge in the Thousand Needles! If you’ve never been to one of her late night bar games, they’re a lot of fun! 10pm, as usual.

On Monday, we’re headed down to the bar to drink, hang out, and do a little public relations. Avoid your partners, children, extended family, friends, and other loved ones and come hang out with us instead!

Things will die down over the actual holidays, but they’ll pick up soon! January is looking to be a very busy month for the company!

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This fricken guild full of crazies is what got me to transfer four characters now from Moon Guard here to WRA. From resurrecting this here rogue to picking on my poor sweet goblin, Ikkle, they’ve been nothing but awesome! RP is great too, haven’t had anyone bring IC relationships to OOC or vice versa for me which coming from MG is kinda shocking.

Now the only problem I have is no one wants to give Ikkle a hug. IKKLE YOUR FRIEND! LOVE HER!


-Inserts deep emotional wisdom that makes you all want to join this guild- Ahhhh. Maximum effort. /flex


This guild is awesome. I joined a few weeks ago and there are constant events; guild chat is always humming with friendly chatter; and there’s an awesome variety of stories happening - plus I got to play charades on a captured boat. Firebrand Enterprises has blown me away with how much work the officers put in.


:partying_face:Happy 2019 Wyrmrest Accord! :partying_face:

It’s a new year, full of brand new possibilities. Everyone’s thinking about what’s in store for the rest of the year- especially here at Firebrand Enterprises: where your future is our business!

Some time last year around this time, a certain goblin met a certain elf. Together, they started something that’d soon grow to be greater than both of them…
So won’t you join us all on the 17th of Janurary at 6pm (server time) outside the Black Market of Zandalar for a grand celebration. We’ll be not just the first year anniversary of Firebrand Enterprises, but also the enduring love between Boss Lady V and Ashagar that made it all possible! Speeches, old stories, a catered meal and plenty of toasting! Here’s to us making it a full year!

As far what’s on the docket for THIS weekend and the following week, we’re about to all get together for a Guild Achievement run. Something involving the mass murder of spiders and cockroaches while several of us hang out in voice chat. By our calculations, it should take about fifteen hours of work. The person who kills the last bug that gets us the achievement gets a big fat bonus in the form of 25k gold!

We recently picked up a couple of new employees whose players are new to roleplaying. Everyone give a warm Firebrand welcome to our newest employees; Noel and Thistletea! In their honor (and because many of us like getting drunk) we’ll spend Firday afternoon crashing the Nameless Pub event in Ratchet for drinks and good times! After that, they and any of our other curious members are going to be receiving another in several courses regarding the basics of roleplaying in WoW. The night’s topic will be how to run events as a GM/Narrator.

Saturday, we slow things down for some more domestic scenes. (Re)construction of the Firebrand Enterprises campus continues, with Gromdek getting their own little house. That’s right, we do player housing! Shortly thereafter, Irridonia will be joining whoever’s interested for some tea time!

Sunday, at 3pm, the security wing of the company gets together for their staff meeting. The Security Branch is where our mercenaries, bodyguards, field medics, and anyone else who earns a living risking their life in a fight tends to go. They’ll be getting caught up on old business while hashing out their branch storyline, discussing how to integrate one another’s personal storylines. The Commerce (merchants, salesmen, marketing, etc) and Research (alchemists, engineers, magicians, healers and the like) also have their own respective storyline events and meetings every month.

Also, I heard some obsessive folks in the guild have figured out how to get the super secret Hivemind mount. They’re going to be running the rest of us through the process, which is apparently really elaborate and requires stuff like collecting certain junk items and killing random creatures in a super specific order. I’m skipping out on that… You have to be a total nerd to spend your time figuring this stuff out when you could be sitting around in the Valley of Hono, getting pretend drunk, and exploring the ennui that comes with being Garrosh’s secret half-Mechagoblin love child like one of us cool kids.

Later on that Sunday, Twinfang is hosting her now famous late night party games! The game of the night will be Mad Libs! It’s wholesome fun for the whole family, especially if the younger members of the family are already asleep!

On the following Monday, at 4pm, there’s going to be a business meeting. Details have yet to be determined, but if the invite list is any indication, it should be a pretty interesting event! It’s sure to provide plenty of fodder for discussion when we all head down to the Drunken Drummer in Zandalar later that day. Enjoy some totally smooth Zandalari rythyms. Jam’on!

I’d mention more of what we have planned throughout the week, but this post is getting long enough as is. Just know that we have some more business meetings, a mog run, and the finale of a long running event held in conjunction with Gilded Ivory Cartel. We’re finally going to be taking down Goldlace- one of the company’s most bitter nemesis. In between, we’ll be carrying out various smaller storylines. There was a night of gambling weeks ago and some of the participants are STILL paying off their debts in the form of various favors. Tam actually managed to get her boss drunk- learning way more than she ever wanted to, and Grim finally got to satisfy her insatiable bloodlust in the form of some bare knuckle brawling.

Tl;Dr: Come on and join us here at Firebrand Enterprises! We’re always up to something and we’d like you to be a part of it!

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Hey folks, I’m a bit too busy for a full post, but you can expect more information on Firebrand shenanigans in another day or two!

Okay, so it’s been another day or two so here’s what’s coming up!

Tonight: More business meetings for people who are into that sort of thing.

Friday: The finale of our story-line continues! This time, we’re definitely going to team up with Gilded Ivory Cartel and take down our joint arch-nemesis: Misses Goldlace. There’s going to be plenty of combat.

Saturday: Following what’s definitely going to be a glorious victory, were going to be doing some raiding with GIC! Later on is the continuation of our story-line involving the exploitation of magical power source deep, which will involve the people of our Commerce wing heading to the Stormpeaks. Who knows what hi-jinks will ensue?

Sunday: After some more raiding earlier in the day, we’re going to playing paintball! It’s actually a lot of fun. It’s like a combination of scavenger hunt and the most dangerous game, where one person has a paintball gun and has to hunt down all the other players who attempt to collect various treasures (or steal them from each other) while avoiding getting tagged. The winner is the person who gets the most amount of stuff before they’re eliminated!

Later on, Twinfang is hosting another one of her Mad Libs games for our late night players.

Monday: For a change of pace, we’ll be doing some stuff outside of WoW. Join us on Scribble for a friendly game of not!Pictionary!

Also, do you have the Hivemind mount? No? Do you want it? Of course you do! Fortunately for you, Zunkryll is going to be guiding your clueless rear through all the inane crap you have to do so that you can join the elite ranks of those who hang around in the Valley of Honor repeatedly pressing the space bar!

Tuesday: We team up with GIC yet again for a crafting event! Join us as we explore a more dynamic crafting systems that involve more than simple emotes.

Wednesday: Our primary guild story-line continues. This time, the Research department (our mages, alchemists, engineers, healers and other artisans) get together to apply their expertise to the next stage of the project.

Thursday: IT’S HAPPENING! The big party marking the first year anniversary of the founding of Firebrand Enterprises! We did it, folks! Three hundred sixty five days of awesomeness!

So come join us at Firebrand Enterprises while the getting’s good for the next year full of fun! Your future is our business!

Today is the day, people! Come join us at the Black Market Auction House in Zuldazar at 6pm for our founding day celebration! Be there or be somewhere a lot less cool!

It’s been little over a couple of months now, and all I will promise you folks who are on the fence is this…It will seem insane, it might seem extreme, it might even seem unethical for folks in a guild to be having this much fun, but it’s true. We’re all a happy, messy, and even possibly insane bunch of people, but at least you’ll have a good time. Come and check us out, don’t mind the mess…that’s normal.


Hello again, Wyrmrest Accord! It’s ya gob Tamani “TimTam” Tightclamps: back with the latest weekend happenings, so smash that like button and subscribe and share! :loudspeaker::sound::sound::sound::loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:!

The 1st year anniversary celebration last night was a rousing success, with over 70 attendees! It was great to see how many friends and connections we’ve made over the past 12 months. We just all spent the evening taking to one another, reminiscing and looking towards the future. Here’s to even more amazing times in the future! :clinking_glasses: It is our business, after all!

As far as the rest of the week goes…

Friday (today): Boss Lady’s taking a much needed day off, so don’t bug her! The rest of our officers are busy, though! As head of the Research department, Narkyssa’s going to be meeting with a new hire and anyone else interested so they can make plans to further develop the company’s medical services. Later on Victor- our head of Security- will be conducting his monthly meeting with the Security Branch. There’s been talk of our compound in the Eastern Kingdoms being particularly vulnerable to attack. As for me, I’ll be conducting interviews, scouting out potential interviewees, and spreading that good ol’ Firebrand awareness! Come say hi in the Valley of Honor!

Saturday: You know the deal by now. Raiding with Gilded Ivory Cartel at 1pm. You think you got the skillz to pay the billz? Then come put yourself to the test and come raid with the best! Then later that night, several of us will be attending a burlesque show being hosted by the Succulent Tarts! It’ll be an excellent chance to unwind after you’ve spent all day wiping on trash!

Sunday: Hopefully your raid skills will have improved, because Gilded Ivory Cartel is back at it again! In the afternoon, there’s going to be a company meeting- this time for us people in the Commerce department. After that is another “How to Better RP in WoW” class for our less experienced members, and then even later than that will be a Mad Libs game hosted by Twinfang for our nightowl players! Her events always start at 10pm server time!

Monday: We pick up where we left off on several things: More discussion about the crafting/skill system we’ve been implementing in more of our events, along with the continuation of our Hivemind hunt! Today you’ll be doing something involving a blue monocle! Later on that night, Kryll’s going to be streaming Ready Player One. While I’ve HEARD of it, I haven’t ever read the book or seen the movie, but I hear there’s a scene where the OG RX-78-2 Gundam goes head-to-head with Mechagodzilla, and that’s all I need to hear. :metal:

Tuesday: We’re doing a special RP event. As you may or may not know, we have a new main HQ out in the Eastern Kingdoms. Due to the recent “instability” in the area, we’ve decided to step up our security! I wonder what kind of shenannigans all these newly hired guards will get up to (queue dream sequence) We’ll be rolling up new characters in the form of NPC guards and exploring an interesting moment in their daily lives! Survival is not guaranteed! Don’t forget to wear your red shirt so that the enemy can’t see you bleed!

Wednesday: We take things a little easier. Our public anniversary was a big success, but on this day, all the Firebrand Enterprises employees are going to gather together in the main hall, kick back, and shoot the sh-stupid censoring-chillax.

Thursday: Research has another meeting. Narkyssa’s really been stepping up her game. She’s been meeting with everyone in her branch to help development their storylines as well as try to put them in contact with others for more RP. Just the kind of care and attention you can expect here at Firebrand Enterprises!

NEXT Friday: We need stuff! Lots of stuff! Other people have that stuff! Apparently instead of talking to them like civilized folk, we’re going to bust in, bust heads, and bust out! Help our “acquisitions specialists” in the security branch as they plumb the depths of Deepholm with the aim of plundering Therazane’s forbidden booty! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

As a wise man once said, “It’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… you ain’t got sh*t to do!”

So come get a job and do sh*t with Firebrand Enterprises! If you don’t like it, we can always just fire you.

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Got a little carried away running old raids with guildmates for legacy mogs, but don’t worry! I’ll be back in time for an update on upcoming events!

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Okay, today was pretty busy, but I have a weekend(ish) update regarding all the fun stuff going on at Firebrand Enterprises!

Tonight (Friday):* A continuation of the company’s main story line : Legacy of Power! Tonight, the brave men and women of the Security department once again brave the depths of Stonecore in search of the rare materials we need to continue our project(s).

Saturday: Oh no! The Alliance has gotten bored with ganking AFK players at the Mission and Warfrotn tables down by the docks and now they’re actually invading the city of gold! If you’re iLvl 360+, then join us and Gilded Ivory Cartel as we head into the latest BfA raid! Later on that night we’re all headed to the Gilded Market in Uldum! We’ll be running a stall selling all kinds of amazing stuff! Mixed drinks, perfumes and colognes, delicious baked treats, an amazing helmet that tells what you should do in any given situation (after you’ve done it)! If you’re not helping run the stall, then feel free to peruse the merchandise or enjoy any of the other vendors and entertainers going on at the same time! After a couple of hours, several of our edgier members are going to be attending a cult meeti- eerrr “sermon” being delivered by some creepy undead guy about the nature of the shadow. Don’t drink the Kool-aid!

Sunday: More raiding! Maybe we’ll make it further than we did last time! There won’t be any other events, though as the officers will be busy doing super important top secret officer stuff. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you.

Monday: It’s Boss Lady’s day off, but the fun don’t stop! We’re going to be meeting on a 3rd party site so we can play CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY! Do well enough and maybe you can have your name enshrined in the form of a white card! After we’ve all had some laughs, some of us are going to continue the epic multi-part quest for the Hivemind mount! You know you want it!

I’d keep going, but I got places to go, things to see and people to do. I’ll post more on Monday!

Come to Firebrand Enterprises!

We have sexy cake!

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Tamani here, enjoying a relaxing company sponsored day at a Pandaren spa. There’s accupuncture, seaweed wraps, chi mssages, and all kinds of other treatments here designed to draw out toxins and cleans the body! The only thing that would make this any more relaxing would be a nice stiff drink… Huh? What do you mean there’s no alcohol? I’ll just head over to the …Rehab facility?.. What do you mean I can’t leave?! Somebody help!

But anyways, here’s an update on upcoming events!

Tonight (Tuesday) Wonderporium Fight Night! The folks at the Wonderporium have invited us and a bunch of others for their semi-regular thereapy session, which is really more of an excuse for people to air their characters’ grievenaces with each other then engage in some bare knuckle fistacuffs! Come for the confessions, stay for the concussions!

Wednesday: We’re hooking up with our friends at Gilded Ivory Cartel again for game night at Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace! Party games galore! No kids allowed!
Thusday: Sera Windtamer, everyone’s favorite Laughing Skull is finally getting a piece of the Firebrand Enterprises complex to call her own! It’ll probably be where she keeps all those dead animals she’s constantly hunting. Oh, you’ve never been with her on one of her hunts? You’re missing out on a good time!

Friday: Didn’t get a chance to sate your bloodlust Tuesday night? Now’s your chance! Grim’s hosting another one of her fighting tournaments. The night’s winner will walk away bruised, bloody, and twentyfive thousand gold to their name!

More updates in a couple of days! Going to need some time to figure out how to get out of these full body restraints.

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Can confirm! You like /roll dueling? Flexing your imagination with intense combat but always getting that low role 1? Then the Firebrand Monthly Tournament is for you! Indeed with a twenty five thousand gold take away or higher due to generous donations that either come from our amazing company or me because I love this event! Come on down and SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT. -insert Rick n’ Morty meme here-

In case anyone’s confused, this is the OLD thread. We have a new one here! Just click the link below to stay up to date with all the latest Firebrand Enterprises news and find out how you can become a part of it!