[H] Rogue & Monk Healer Looking for Guild to raid with come 8.3

We are in our late 30’s early 40’s so first and foremost looking for an adult guild, mature, and not easily offended by the occasional urban dictionary definition in guild chat. We have been raiding together in different versions of the same guild since Vanilla so we do have plenty of raiding experience.

Our raiding availability is any 3 nights from Sun-Thurs from 6pm-10pm CST. We aren’t looking to commit to times until raiding content for 8.3 comes out but will transfer as soon as we decide on a guild and will still be active. We can also go on trial runs if need be.

Flipside Kings Is a mythic raiding guild with 10 years of experience and years of play time as a solid group. We thrive on being progression oriented but having a great time doing it as a team.
Our group is much more than a raid team; playing other games together, running m+, pvp, alt raids, and generally just hanging out are part of what make this home.

Current Progression: 5/8M

Looking for DPS.
Our Server cluster: Eredar/Gorefiend/Wildhammer/Spinebreaker

3 nights a week: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm EST

Contact me battle.net(Carter34#11844) or in game (Wiz-Eredar) with any questions! [Can also be reached on Discord @ Wiz#8039

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Hi Warcrawl! We are StuggIe CuddIe ([H]Mal’Ganis), an old guild with good people. We are looking for friends to either join our ranks, or to join us for our first Mythic pulls! We have former top raiders, casual raid loggers, and everything in between. We enjoy spending time together, and are looking to engage in more content. Our members are all older with careers, including some retirees!

Raid times: Tue/Thur 7PM CST-10PM

So if you are looking for a guild to call home, or if you want to xrealm raid with us, say hi!

Discord (preferred):

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Hi Warcrawl :slight_smile: We are Alliance and if you don’t mind that we might be just what you’re looking for!

If you’re up for a walk on the ‘Alliance side’ I think Pak Cafan might be a perfect fit for you two. We’re a Dalaran server start guild that was originally established back in EQ1 which means there’s a core of us that are, ah … seasoned. Yeah let’s go with that. Our members live across the continental US, with a few abroad, and it looks like our raid times fit nicely within your parameters.

Additionally, we are a very small guild at the moment. We’ve never been massive - like to keep the close knit family feel. The launch of Classic siphoned off a portion of our core raider population so we’ve got room for fresh new DPS and/or flex players who love to have fun whacking the heck out of boss mobs.

What we do:

  • Heroic Progression Raiding (AOTC focus)
  • M+/Expeditions
  • Achievement Runs
  • Treat each other like family
  • Have a good time

While we do like to explore light mythic progression that’s a call leadership makes depending upon raid comp and numbers and is not our primary focus. We raid W/TH 9-11:30pm ET

Give me a poke via Bnet or Discord and let’s chat!

Bnet: Peregryn#1292
Disc: Peregryn#6031

I don’t think we’re willing to switch to Alliance.