[H] <Reprieve> 10/10 H AOTC Guild LFM

We are a Horde Guild on Turalyon looking to get more players for M+ and raid. We are currently 10/10 Heroic. All new members will have a chance to come to raid at which point we will go over your performance and make a decision to see if your a good fit. Please apply. Also if you can’t take friendly crap talking this is probably not the guild for you.

Roles Needed:

Ranged Dps-pref Warlock

Raid Rules:
-Looting will be Personal Loot
-If you don’t need the piece of gear, check and see if another main needs it
-Food and Flask provided

Raid Times:
Tues/Thursday 8:30 EST - 11:00 EST

Reach us at Discord: ShiftyRonin#5596, Spanks#9750, Bahmut#9417, Memorial Coin#4104
Or Battle net ID: , ShiftyRonin#1846, tsktsk#1696, Kronostorm#1482


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Bumping for some good dudes

I know there’s a warlock, mage, hunter, and tank out there who wants to just clear heroic raids and do m+ out there! Add and talk to the people on this post!

Bump, Bump It up

Things that go bump in the night

Warlock here, definitely interested as your raid times and days line up well with my schedule. Feel free to add me at Sublimity#5788.

As a side note, I do have some other players who might be interested in giving your raid team a shot as my guild is starting to go through some roster struggles. We are 5/10 heroic but have some desire to work for AOTC. Everyone is chill and I think fits the “Please apply. Also if you can’t take friendly crap talking this is probably not the guild for you.” note well as we rip on eachother all the time.

I’d love to discuss further.

Humpty Bumpty

We are still looking for all roles!

Bump Boiz !!!

We are still looking for people to fill out our raid! Please reach out to us in-game for any questions you may have!

Looking For:
Heals: Pally/Priest/Druid
DPS: Windwalker / Demon Hunter / Death Knight / Shadow Priest / Ele Shaman / Enh Shaman / or any others that may want to join!

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We are now 9/10 H - still looking for raiders! please message us in game!