[H] Raid ready DPS/Tank LF Weekend raiding guild


Looking for a weekend raiding guild on Thunderhorn/Blades Edge US (H). I work long hours during the week and have a family, but would like to be able to run raids/M+ on a regular basis again. I have been searching for a new home for months since my last raiding guild moved raid times to weekdays. I am usually on after 9pm CT weekdays and various times during the weekends depending on family schedules. N/H Raiding/M+ experience in Legion and BFA bot DPS & Tank roles. I’m not elitist, but I do strive to continuously improve and am willing to help with whatever I can. I believe a guild should run things together and be a family in it’s own right whether as a (M) raiding guild or casual.
At present, I have 4 120 toons with multiple alts at various levels.
MM Hunter - 401/43, 665io, 3/9H BOD
Prot Pally - 393/40, 3/9N BOD
Fury/Prot War - 392/41, 3/9N BOD
Outlaw Rog - 375/34


hey mate. we raid just one afternoon a weekend and are looking for some more buds to progress forward. we are mainly doing casual m progression a this point waiting for 8.2 to hit. but, we enjoy another dps hunter to join us on our raid team

link to recruitment post: [H] Ruined Immersion |2/9M 9/9H 2/2N| Casual Afternoon Raiding | 1 Day
server: Zul’jin
about: casual, one afternoon a week raiding guild
times and days: Saturday 11:30am - 3:30pm EST
progression : 2/2N CoS, 2/9M BoD 9/9H , 2/8M Uldir 8/8H
recruiting : tanks FILLED , healers OPEN , melee OPEN , ranged OPEN
contact : tyledrahn#1703 or MakkachinSox#1572