[H] Prot warrior lf raiding guild for 8.2 and beyond


Not looking to transfer servers atm. Currently on Mal’ganis ilvl 387, artifact lvl 50. I have past experience in heroic and mythic raiding. Had to quit for a while before coming back to the game. Wanting to find a guild that raids late night or early morning, i.e. past 10cst.
My expectations: active fun guild who aims for aotc, raid achievements and mythic + runs.
Your expectations: a tank who knows what to do, prepares for boss fights, gives 110%, is on time and credible raid attendance.

(Sataraa) #2

Hello Mazorl! So I see you aren’t interested in server transfers at the moment, however on the off chance you change your mind I thought I’d toss our information down below. We fit all your requirements other than we’re on a different server. We’re smaller but still heavily active, so much so that we have two teams. Currently Team Doback could use a tank. Doback is 9/9H 1/9M BOD and 1/2H COS (just started COS this week). I’ll copy paste below and if we interest you please feel free to reach out to us :grinning:

DISCLAIMER: We are a silly, twisted adult-only guild. We are not family-friendly, but we are a family!
Guild: Prestige WorldWide
Realm: Area 52
Faction: Horde
Server Time: EST
Contact: (Doback Recruiter) Katriel#11634 (Huff Recruiter) Pyxie#1733 (Guild Leader) Sataraa#1236

We are looking for raiders and M+ players to join us as we solidify our 2 raid teams! We have M+ fiends, alt-a-holics, PVPers, and do old content together. We also do WarMode farming when raid mats get low! Everything in wow is a game as it should be!

Team Doback:Tues/Weds 9pm-12am 9/9H 1/9MBOD 1/2H COS
Recruiting ranged dps and 1 tank

Team Huff: Thur/Mon 8pm-11pm 5/9H BOD
Recruiting DPS


I am very much interested and will see what i can do about xfer. Are the raid times est as well? Ill try to hit someone up tonight after work. Ty!

(Sataraa) #4

Yes the times are eastern. We look forward to hearing from you (if the fit is good the guild works out the transfer :grinning:). Crap I just noticed the times you listed…pooo


Haha it’s cool. Ill see what i can do. Being a manager and having to close sometimes sucks. I just don’t like being late or having to cancel.

(Sataraa) #6

Ahhh I did that for years, I feel ya. We really easy about it, if you can’t make a raid we just ask you stick it in the out channel. I mean if you have to miss a raid here and there it’s all good. So if it’s not a definite no go, and you’re still interested hit me up still :grinning: