[H] <Of Blood and Ashes> looking for raiders

< Of Blood and Ashes > is looking to fill some positions on our raid team. We’re looking for several roles, notably Resto Shaman, Holy Priests, Mages, Warlocks, DPS Warriors, Rogues, and a Hunter or two.

Our raid times are Monday and Wednesday from 9pm ST to 12am ST.

Our goals are to build a strong server community with an emphasis on maturity, fellowship, and a semi-hardcore attitude toward progression. We have a mix of backgrounds and experiences and a desire to clear as much Classic content as we can. Eventually, we’re looking toward the horizon and the possibility of Classic TBC.

We value friendship, respect, and comradery above all else. We have an active Discord community and are looking for more like-minded people to become a part of it. We’re currently in Zul’Gurub and we’re looking to clear Onyxia in the next couple of weeks. Beyond that, we’re looking forward to getting into Molten Core and possibly Blackwing Lair.

NOTE If you’re part of a small guild who is looking to raid and can’t quite field your own team, please let us know. We are open to collaborative efforts to pursue 40-man content.

If this sounds like a place for you, feel free to join our Discord
( discord.gg/7z7EdyK ) or reach out to any of the following officers:


< Of Blood and Ashes > is also hosting MC/Onyxia on Wednesday, June 17 and looking for more folks to join up! We are currently in need of DPS and Healers.

Loot is /roll MS>OS round robin with only bindings and recipes reserved.

Please reach out to Raocow, Moosetree or Corkhastusks in game to inquire after reserving a spot!


We still have positions open for:

Holy Priest x1
Warrior DPS x3
Rogue x2

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are a different class but are still interested!