[H] Mechanics are for Cars is Recruiting! :D

Good Morning Everyone!

Mechanics if for Cars is an off-shoot from a previous raiding guild from the server, we were the heroic raid group #2 that was asked to leave due to our bubbly and joyful nature not being intense enough for real progression…

… that being said, a week later we obtained AOTC as a crew, and are pushing through Mythic, whilst maintaining our un-intense temperaments. My goals for this guild are rather simple, to have a consistent community you can log into and enjoy playing with - have 3+/5 members per key, raid days to look forward to in your calendar and the option to just yell “anybody wanna do some PvP”, with rapid responses. I do not want to have people feel left out, this is a game of community and I’ll do what I can to make that the priority.

[Leadership and Drama Policy]
I am simply a facilitator, the guild bank management and raid organisation is truly a team effort from our raiding core. There is no “officer” rank, and decisions are made as a family for management at the end or beginning of a raid night - but it’s still just a game, so those events are rare to be honest.

I do not want Drama, and I will speak to you if there is any to snuff it out - if you act like a tool, you will be booted. This is not to be confused with a desire for no disagreement, debate or conversation - just be respectful and forward with your position is all. Nobody wants to log in an deal with BS, it’s a game.

We currently have 16-17/20 core raiders that alternate nights of availability because, we have jobs that involve night shifts on occasion. Raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday and occasionally sunday from 7PM-10PM EST - attendance is not at all mandatory, but in the rare occasion that I have to pick and choose, I’ll go by seniority/time in the guild… I don’t anticipate that happening haha. We are pushing Mythic at the moment, but still do a complete H-Nathria every week to gear up those that aspire to be in the raiding crew, and support alts/alternate specs to gain experience.

We have a few KSM’ers that focus a lot on keys, and want to learn with everyone else. I try to make a point of getting all the raiders that don’t typically key into a few 14-15 for their vault, but more importantly I like to get them excited about keys! Really jump into that aspect of the game. You will rarely not find people ready to jump onto your stone and make an at least partially, premade group.

There are a few hardcore PvPers associated with the guild, and we all frequently join in their RBGs - guild events of premades are something we have done in the past, and want to make routine.

I run a boosted discord, using it occasionally for lectures I give to my students. That being said, you’re welcome to join us any time for a key just whisper a member to get the invite :slight_smile: . We have a few family members of raiders that play just for transmogs, mounts, silly shenanigans and are always on one mission or another - come join us!

Looking forward to any applications, just shoot Sumato-Black Dragonflight a message or apply through the in-game system.

Have a great day!