[H] Martha Stewart LFM - Fire Mage/Fury Warr/Boomkin/warlock

[Martha Stewart] | Horde [H] | semi-hardcore

One of the oldest guilds on Whitemane-H, is looking for exceptional players and recruiting for full raid spots. We are a guild founded on the principles of community and having fun! Our goal is to provide an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable for all of our members. Tues, Thursday 830PM-11:30PM PST raids

We currently have 11/12 H ICC 10M, 7/12H ICC25M

Our past achievements: 50/50 TOGC, 54/54 on both 10/25man, Twilight vanquisher week 1, Immortal (11/8), Week 3 Sunwell Clear, 10/10 SSC/TK prenerf, one night clear T5 content. 15/15 Naxx (2 hours, 38 min clear. top 10 horde), AQ40 (1 hour 20 min clear), BWL (49 min clear), MC (sub 1 hour clear).

We expect our raiders to be fully prepped for raid, from being repaired to having their consumes to knowing the fights. Raiders should be able to maintain a high attendance. You will need 2 proper Professions with properly enchanted/gemmed gear.

Loot is handled by a hybrid soft res / LC system.
Usually trials last 2 weeks. Shorter/longer for some.

Immediate Needs:

  • DPS: We are looking for a fire mage, boomkin, warlock.
  • Healers: none
  • Tanks: Prot pal

All exceptional applicants will be considered.

hmu in game or via btag!



Bump for the stewart

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Hey, it’s tuesday! Hell yea!

Still LFM!

Looking for warlocks! :slight_smile:

Looking for resto shamans!

Still lookin :slight_smile:


LF more to squish these bugs!

LF a resto shaman!

LF a healer + DPS! Twin emps down!

Stewart, guide us to resto druids, shamans, priests and warrior dps.

bump for a great raid week.

Bump for a new raid team! Let’s goooooo! :slight_smile:

LFM fantastic players!

still LFM!

R1 got a one night clear of BWL + AQ40! Good work team!

Bump for hour 20 AQ clear! short of our goal by 20 seconds, but that’s all good!

LF resto shamans and warriors

Woah! first p6 bump!

Where them healers at?

Seems like we’re still looking for resto shamans and warriors boys (and girls).

Late 15/15 bump!

Bump for mages, resto shamans, a priest and warriors!

Bump for TBC!

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