[H] Martha Stewart LFM - Fire Mage/Fury Warr/Boomkin/warlock

Bump for shamans and hunters!

Bump for week 1 prince kill!

Bump for shamans!

The shaman hunt continues!

Adding a hunter to the list!

Bump after a successful raid week!

Hey, interested just server transferred from fairbanks to whitemane. Can check my logs, decent gear decent parsing , resto sham, prob rather be in raid 1 as tues-thurs would work better with those times, for logs my name is still: vanty-fairbanks hasn’t changed to whitemane yet. Let me know if your still looking for resto shams or recruiting for raid 1

To the top with you!

Still looking for a couple more people for our Tues/Wed crew: Mage and Bear tank!

Id like to try out for Mage :wink: Ill hit you up in game

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Bump to the top!

Saturday afternoon bump!

Oh hey, it’s a bump

Great folks here, no drama, all current content cleared weekly. Come have some fun!

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Interested hunter here. Added you on Bnet.

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1 AM bump to the top!

Still lookin!

dat tuesday reset tho with invisible murderin fires

Still lookin

To the top!