[H] Mal'Ganis <SnL> LFM 9.2 weekend raiding

Late night Weekend Raid team LFM 9.2!

Most of us grew up watching all sorts of things on television. None however matched the glory of Saturday Night Live and that’s where our name SNL comes from. Capturing that glow, we’re looking to establish a raid team that raids purely as a late night weekend team for those players who have weekday commitments and can’t afford to raid earlier in the day during the weekend.

Our leadership has raided in top 100 US guilds such as Og - US Burning Legion (US 62 at the time), Disillusion - US Burning Legion (top 100 US) and various other top 200 US guilds including Elitist Jerks and Eon who respectively competed on lesser raid schedules during their peak times.

Our goal in forming a raid team for 9.2 is to establish a weekly heroic clear. Most of our spare time outside of raiding is pushing keys and gearing alts. Our raid times are designed for the busy lives that most adults lead who could use other players that understand things come up. That being said we would like to achieve AOTC in a competitive time as well. We would like to say our goals lie in pushing mythic progress, but with 9.2 close realistically we’d make that call once we see what our roster looks like going forward. This is a fresh concept guild for seasoned players but our leadership collectively ran a successful guild for 4-5 years back in 2011-2016 together (Eon) and plan on re-establishing that same strength in a roster this expansion.

Our expected raid times are Saturday 11pm-2am and Sunday 11pm to 2am (Eastern Time Zone). We will not add days or add time greater than 30 minutes to kill a new boss.

We have a few players who dabble in mythic plus pushing keys around the 2500-2700 mark, and a few others who pug and push keys weekly. Our hope is that though we may not boast a huge raid schedule, our playerbase will find that our players come to play ball.

Currently we’re going to be running a heroic clear for SoD on Saturday nights which will be our only raid night of 9.1.5. It will start at the time stated above. If there are any raid cancellations before 9.2 they will be posted at least two days in advance. Communication is key.

Recruitment is currently open with the exception of one tanking position that is filled going into the new patch. Our other players will be rerolling and trialing in the next tier. Healers and dps are welcome to apply.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to:

GM: Thepiece#1849
Officers: Elascious#1581, EMG#11389 (recruitment Officer)

Please visit this link to Apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Hunting!

Saturday night live… Featuring… WelsleySWIPEZ

Guest starring… Belonphobia!!

What about me? I wanna party

Did anyone see Dexter new blood? Series was lit

Still looking for players!!

Suprised sig hasn’t made a guest appearance here

Had some good keys tonight

Still recruiting! Join us in discord anytime

It’s almost raid day!

Looking for more raiders for weekend mythic raids! Team is starting to look very solid

almost halfway through my shift… to the top!

Ummm, best guild evar!

Where do I sign up? Washed up Top 20 US player here. Previous GM of Broken Legion, before renamed to Eon. Can pump. Fire Mike McCarthy.

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