(H) Looking for raiding guild

Looking for more people to join so we can start our own guild raids - basically need everyone - we are a very small group of IRL friends with a staggering amount of /played
Guild – Canadian Heritage Minute –

*** If we can not find the people to fill a raid group, we have 1-3 who may be interested in joining a guild ( most likely a hunter/warrior/druid ) ***

I am looking for a raid spot in heroic raids focusing on AOTC and moving into mythic. I would be willing to change guilds if required for a guaranteed raid spot.

I have cleared 8/8 N and 5/8 H Vault of the Incarnates using Raid Finder

I have been playing since TBC. I like to play all classes and specs. I am currently playing a warlock, but may be willing to fill another spot if needed.

availability: Monday - Friday - approximately 7pm-10pm server time / anytime on weekends
please reply below or in game mail to: