[H] Lnertia - SL Recruitment (Heroic Clearing)

Hi Aman’Thul!

Lnertia is once again looking for new members on Horde side.

Our goal is to clear Raids on heroic level quickly and efficiently - Generally within 4 weeks after launch of a tier and then farm for a few following weeks. Outside of this our members consistently do M+ & some partake in arenas. Other than that our members often play other games together such as CS:GO, Valorant, Apex & Destiny to name just a few.

Once SL Begins, our raid schedule is 2 nights a week when under progression, falling back to a 1 night a week deal once content is “on farm”.

Sunday & Wednesday; 8:00pm -> ~11:00pm Sever


Currently we are looking for a Warrior in any role & healers of any variety

If interested: to get in contact with myself please add Kook#1943 and we can discuss further. Alternatively message someone online in the guild & they will direct you to an officer

Pinging for title error (Guild name). <3