[H] <Koalaty Time> 2/9M 9/9H is seeking HEALS+DPS for our fun and friendly team! W/F 8-1030 EST

Koalaty Time is a Horde-based guild on Mal’ganis. We are an AOTC-every-tier oriented guild, although we do strive to knock some mythic progression before the end of each tier. We formed up at the very start to this tier and have cultivated a strong core that we are looking to add to. Our guild is built around our friendly, positive culture. We pride ourselves on our laidback and fun raid environment. People with bad attitudes, people who drama tends to follow, and elitist players don’t really last too long here. We log in to have fun with each other, and have formed a fantastic environment that is centered around helping each other get better in whatever aspect of your game that you seek to improve.

While we are searching for experienced players, if you are not yet AOTC, don’t let that stop you from applying. We are searching for good people who are interested in the long haul. Returning players, newer players with an eagerness to learn, and veterans all make great fits here.

We also co-run a 100+ member 1k+ io cross-realm community to supplement the pool of players that we run M+ with, so you’ll never be alone if you’re looking to run. We have several players in the 1500+ range looking to push higher keys and to help carry people to teach them how to run M+ / get their io up.

In short, we’re looking for players who are looking for a new home. Not just a guild, but a place to stay for several tiers. We’re recruiting good people looking for a stable home. Come have fun with us!

Add me on bnet to set up a trial or to talk: conweezy#1387

All the best in your search for a new home,

Shayzee / Conweezy / Shhbbyisok

Still searching for you!