H <Impulse> Tues&Wed 7:30-10:30 LFM

<Impulse> is an adult raiding guild that aims to tackle current content while maintaining a friendly and fun atmosphere. We kill bosses and have fun doing it, while not taking ourselves too seriously. We’ve maintained a consistent presence on Zul’jin for several years.

Our raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30 to 10:30 EST (server time). We expect our raiders to be able to consistently make both nights. Missing a night here or there because of real life is no concern.

We provide everything you could need for raiding. In return, we ask that you show up prepared for the fights and perform at a suitable level.

Currently, we are actively recruiting DPS players.

If you are interested, please contact:

In-game: Virelle (Vir#1857) or another online officer
Discord: Vir#9592

Prior Progression:

FL: 1/7 Old Heroic
DS: 4/8 Old Heroic
MSV: 6/6 Old Normal
HoF: 6/6 Old Normal
ToES: 4/4 Old Normal
ToT: 12/12 Old Normal
SoO: 10/14 Old Heroic
HM: 7/7 H
BRF: 10/10 H
HFC: 13/13 H
EN: 7/7 H
ToV: 3/3 H
NH: 10/10 H
ToS: 9/9 H
Antorus: 11/11 H
Uldir: 8/8 H
BoD: 9/9 H
CoS: 2/2 H
TEP: 8/8 H
Nya: 12/12 H
CN: 10/10 H


Join us. We have cake.

We also have cookies and milk-in a bag.

Last week we started heroic BoD. Join us :slight_smile:

Yesterday we toppled Heroic Grong. We are now 9/9N 2/9H. Join us!

Yesterday we downed heroic mage/monk dudes. Tonight is Opulence. Join us :slight_smile:

We killed H Opulence on the first pull of the night last night, then spent the rest of the night working on Conclave. Still looking for more.

Still looking for more :slight_smile:

We downed Heroic Conclave yesterday after many pulls. Toughie that one. Still looking for more.

Still looking for more ^^

Hi, my fresh warlock is currently looking for a raid team on zul’jin. For myself, I am a perfectionist and optimize my raiding output for what ever role I am playing. Currently I’m only ilvl 300 but by the end of the week i should be over 380. Let me know ingame if you are still recruiting. Ty

We got to 4% on H Mekk. Join us! :slight_smile:

Some more Mekk pulls today and hopefully progression on Blockade. Come raid with us!

We downed H Mekkatorque on Wednesday and got into P2 on H Stormwall after a couple of pulls at the end of the night. Looking for more DPS to join the team!

We’re down to the wire with only Jaina left to down in heroic with a nice 20% wipe.

Tonight we entered Crucible of Storms after getting our Ahead of the Curve : Jaina. Join us ^^

We ended Heroic Restless Cabal tonight and progressed on Heroic Uu’nat. Join us today!

Down to 10% on Heroic Uu’nat. Looking for more DPS!

Still looking for more, join us :slight_smile:

We downed heroic Uu’nat this week. We’re taking a break to cool down and prepare for the next raid! Come prepare with us!