H <Impulse> Tues&Wed 7:30-10:30 LFM

join us for 8.2 and beyond !

8.2 is near, join us in preparation for the new raid !

8.2 is upon us. Join us for the upcoming raid!

Looking for more for 8.2!

Looking for DPS for the Eternal Palace (6/8N). Going into heroic soon!

Looking for more DPS to add to our team! The Eternal Palace has been a lot of fun so far, everyone is enjoying the new content. Come join us! We also have M+ and other things going on outside of raid times.

we downed heroic blackwater behemoth today after only 2 pulls! next week, we’ll be working on radiance of azshara and beyond. Join us!

We downed 3 heroic bosses yesterday!!! Now 6/8H. Still looking for more dps.

Now on heroic azshara, still looking for more.

just curious if your guild is still recruiting

We are, just been to busy to look at forums. Will try to contact you tonight.

We’re now 8/8H :slight_smile: come raid with us.

We’re getting closer to 8.3 and as such, we’re back in recruitment, still looking for all dps class

We’re recruiting for Ny’alotha! If you’re interested in a fun team of adults that don’t take themselves too seriously, we might be the place for you. Get in touch with us!

Still looking for all the dps. :slight_smile:

hi, been grinding the last week to catch up and get ready for ny’alotha…think i’m ready.

ign is Sugoman or bnet RyanTheNinja#11408 if you’d like to talk.

Hey talk to me or Virelle ingame when you see either of us.

Still looking for more, we are now 11/12N 10/12H Ny’alotha!

What classes you looking for, just curious ^.^

Any really, but if you mean your hunter we’d gladly take you, as of now we only have 2 mail wearer in the raid group.