[H - Illidan - US] <Reunion> LF tanks/dps 8/9N(first week, fresh guild)

Just returning from a long hiatus? Want to learn how to raid? Want to chill with adult players, make some new friends, and have some fun?

Give us a shot. We’re currently in need of a dependable TANK and any and all DPS. PRIO: Shamans, Hunters, Warlocks, and Blood DK’s. (Healers are open too, but tank/dps are immediate needs) We raid WED / THURS 9PM CST - 12AM CST.

The guild is new, and the roster is currently small, but with every new addition we get closer and closer to our goals. If the feeling is right, transfers can possibly be paid for by me. I look forward to meeting new friends and making new memories. Come be part of something new. 40 members after just over 2 weeks. 8/9N after our first raid night. Daily keys and random groups alongside discord shenanigans. For a new guild with several new players who have never raided, this is a great start in my eyes.

is a newly formed guild with all types of players in mind. As most of my friends have quit the game in the last several years, I find myself craving that classic guild environment that this game has had for me in the past. Many memories that will last a lifetime. I want to make new memories, and enjoy the game to the best of my ability with other like-minded players once again.

I know starting a new guild in 2019 seems like an impossible task, but each day we get at least one new member. One potential new friend. One potential new life-long memory. I want you, whoever you may be, to join us on Illidan for all the game has to offer.

We will be focusing on mythic+ and N / H raiding with some PvP on off nights here and there.

Contact mofuk#1960 for more info.