[H-Illidan] <Show Me Your IO> 4/10M LF DPS for Main Roster

Raid Times: Tuesday and Friday 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM ST (Central)

We are a 4/10M raiding focused guild looking to expand our raid team. Our goal is to create a community of skilled players who complete content as a collective, rather than focusing on individual success. We do this by recruiting skilled, team-oriented players who want to achieve success as a close-knit community.

Castle Nathria is our first raid tier as a formal guild, so our goal has been to gather a roster of solid individuals with consistent performance and attendance. We are pushing as far as we can in this tier, but our focus and attention is on our roster. Going forward through this expansion, our goal will be to push Cutting Edge in every raid tier.

If you’re interested in an opportunity to try out with our guild and join a community of players with strong character, competency, and committment, feel free to message me on discord [JGoose92#0123]. Thanks for your time and interest in our guild!