[H illidan] Magog Cartel 2/8m casual mythic

Magog Cartel! The best cartel on Illidan!

About Us:

We’re a chill group of friends. WoW is just one of the games we play together. We’re always looking for more people to hang out, if you’re friendly and cool it doesn’t matter if your gear or parses aren’t the best (but we won’t carry you no matter how dank your memes are). We’re also a-okay with people new to the game or returning after not playing for a while!

Recruitment for raids:

Role Need Notes
Tank High Bonus points if you come with a DPS offspec!
Heals Low Definitely no more priests or monks.
Melee Medium DK, DH, ret preferred
Ranged High Looking for any ranged DPS

There’s always open recruitment for friendly casuals, or people who aren’t looking for a raid spot yet but might want one in the future.

Raid structure:
Raids are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8-10 server. We do heroic on Tuesday, and normal on weekends (usually Saturdays).

What does being casual mean to us?

  • Following your dreams! You rock on enh shaman and survival hunter. Even if your class isn’t flavor of the month it’s still cool to play.
  • 0 screeching. We know Jimmy stood in a laser, we also saw you stand in the laser 2 pulls ago so calm tf down.
  • Being included. We rotate really fairly and everyone who’s capable (geared and competent) gets a shot at the progression fights.
  • Planning ahead. We won’t make you spend the entire night waiting around if you aren’t going to be raiding. You’ll know ahead of time who’s coming.

What we find sexy:

  • Being an adult: This is an adult guild. Everyone will be treated as an adult and be expected to behave as such.
  • Being considerate: if you’re expected to be someplace we do require that you let us know in advance if you won’t be there. This might not be a good fit for people with chaotic schedules. If you can’t be present and attentive for two hours straight during raid times, this won’t be a good fit. Similarly frowned on is leaving mid-raid to go buy tokens and then grabbing a flask, and calling your fifth cousin, and then getting too high to come back.
  • A good attitude: even if you’re the best player in the world, we won’t play with you if you make us miserable.

Contact options:

guild discord: https://discord.gg/GVyNqkx - feel free to come hang out with us anytime.

btag: brandy#1599
discord: brandy#9982

btag: Glaive#11636
discord: Glaive#6425

Btag: namreh#1664

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!