[H] [Illidan] 450 Rogue and 452 Paladin LF M+ and Raiding Guild

Hello! Title essentially says it all. My friend and I are looking for a guild to call home. We’re both coming back from a hiatus and looking to get back in the swing of things. I have some raid experience from MoP, WoD, Legion, and early BFA. We’re both slowly gearing up to push content. Just looking for the right fit for us. If you feel like we’d be a good addition, please reach out!

Hey there,

Our guild is a guild newly formed by a core of players that are currently 5/12M. We are recruiting players to round out our mythic team so we can continue current mythic progression and to prepare for Shadowlands. In shadowlands we plan to push CE early in the tier while still having fun together as a guild. We normally raid Wed, Thurs 9pm-12am EST and we have also been Monday for trials and for anyone wanting to do heroic. We are all friendly and willing to help with gearing and mythic + outside of raid as well. If you are interested my discord is Pray#8417 and bnet is Juf3r#1319.


We are small group of friends that have been hammering down together for a number of years and FINALLY decided to up and make our own guild. We are currently hanging around the 14-16 key mark and are really just looking for cool people to hang out with. Gear and experience aren’t an issue. You’re more than welcome if you’re new or returning from a break or you’re just looking to get in on some keys and get some loot with a fun group of people. We don’t take much seriously (we joke around a ton during keys) and are looking to grow a community that is based on helping each other. We PVP and do Keys mainly, but are looking to dabble in some raiding. If you’re having a hard time finding some quality people to hang with or are just looking for a fresh start hit me up on BNET and we’ll get you situated.

Azshul -Garona

Hello Sindex and friend!

Our guild is recruiting for raiding and mythics for BFA and upcoming Shadowlands. Our guild raids Fri/Sat evenings 7:30pm EST for heroic difficulty with a normal alt run night on Thursdays & Sundays. We have mythic Mondays to ensure everyone has a keystone completed before reset.

I’m going to share our recruitment post below. Please take a look. We thank you, and hope to hear from you soon!

Good afternoon Sindex,

<Dusk to Dawn> is a newish, late night Horde guild on Mal’Ganis forming for the rest of BFA and into Shadowlands. We are building a team of mythic quality players who don’t take themselves too seriously. Our goal is to clear most of Mythic every tier while maintaining a relaxed environment and shorter raid schedule. We had our first raid this week and cleared 12/12N and 4/12H. Our plan is to continue to raid throughout the rest of BFA so the group is used to running together when Shadowlands drops. If this sounds like something you and your friend would be interested in, I’d love to chat more!

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)
  • Wednesday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)
  • Thursday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or fill out our simple app and we’ll get in touch with you:

  • Discord: Zamereon#4336
  • Bnet: Zamereon#1622
  • App: bit.ly/DuskToDawnApp

Good Afternoon,

Released Reforged is currently looking to build our community of new and returning players! We are currently 12/12 H and looking to expand our roster for the remainder of BFA and start of Shadowlands. We are more than happy to help train and build up players from those who have 0 experience to those who have lots. Come be part of a community of players that help build each others skill and chill with friends!

Raid Times & Days: Wednesday/Thursday 4PM-7PM (PST)

jjblf1990#1699 (Bnet)
Kerbey#1211 (Discord)

Hello Sindex and friend!

Bloom - Area 52 is recruiting for CE progression in Shadowlands!

Bloom is a new semi-hardcore late night progression guild focused on forming a raid team to clear CE fast and efficiently come Shadowlands.

Who We Are
Our leadership is driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. We come from backgrounds with various raiding experiences ranging from casual to Top 50 US.

Our Goal

Cutting Edge in the first tier of Shadowlands

Who We Look For

The ideal candidate for our raid team would be someone that feels the same way about progression that we do. We as a guild are looking for players that have the drive to improve and the willingness to put the team before themselves in order to progress at a pace we feel is achievable. Great players will always be welcome.

We will never turn away a more casual player who wishes to wear our guild tag.


  • We REQUIRE 90% Attendance (We understand real life might happen sometimes)
  • Performance on your class
  • Raid awareness
  • No drama
  • Understanding the line between toxicity and banter, we expect our raiders to be able to take criticism and jokes in a friendly way. However, blatant toxicity/racism WILL NOT be tolerated.
  • Involvement in guild activities outside of raid (Not mandatory obviously, but nice to see)

Raid Times

Tue: 12-3am EST (9pm-12am PST)

Tue: 12-3am EST (9pm-12am PST)
Wed:12-3am EST (9pm-12am PST)
Thu: 12-3am EST (9pm-12am PST)

Required Add-ons (For players looking to raid)

  • DBM/BigWigs
  • Angry Assignments - Healers Only
  • WeakAuras
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • RCLootCouncil

Discord - Vehx#4215 | Zach#2879
BNET - Vehx#11185 | mintx#11365

HiHi Sindex!

I think our guild might be a great fit for you as we are looking to progress in mythic and have some really helpful people to get both you and your friend geared up, who are also high end content experienced in past expansions and BfA.

< ChristianDadsOfOrgrimmar > (Lawl) - Spinebreaker-Horde - is looking for DPS players (Mage, Warlock preferred, but all DPS welcome to apply) ilvl 455+ for our guild. We are currently 12/12H and 4/12M (most of our core is 4/12 or higher, but from pugging or mixing with other guild runs). We are looking to progress as a guild within house only runs and are a solid group of players, but need some more DPS slots filled. Raids twice a week (Thurs/Sun 7PM Central) and Mythic+ daily.

Come join the cult. :wink: PST Zac08#11463 or Haxzz#1505 on bnet to apply. Let them know Classiest sent you and look forward to hearing from you!