[H] Hordeland Security - 9/10 H AotC Guild is recruiting! 8:00 - 10:15 EST Tues/Thurs all classes!

Greetings. We have had some unexpected real life events and other events take out a few of our core raiders.

I’ve always been about recruiting the player, not the class, and have managed to get us AOTC for the last decade regardless of the state of the game. We are looking for Demon Hunter, Holy Priest, Monk (any spec), main tank, and DPS.

If your someone who runs M+ daily, we might not be the home for you. Our focus right now is on raiding, and minimal other content. We have a few that run rated BGs, arena, M+, and pug raids, but the only major guild content during this time is the raids. We have about 7-10 online at night so we have social interaction and people are encouraged to run stuff, but for the most part this tier we are taking a more relaxed approach. If this suits you, we can be a good home for you.

We can field a group of 11-13 right now, but I always felt more comfortable at the 15-20 range to allow for sudden real life events to allow our raiders a break from time to time.

We still have flasks and food covered, weapon oils/armor kits for our raiders.

We use Discord for most of our coordination, apply to join the guild here:

Join us - Direct contact info!:
Director: Safaladi - Btag: Saffy#1122 (Discord: @Saffy#3066)
Recruitment Officer: Coelacanth (Discord: @JDBlackfish#1986)
Raid Lead: Elemente - Btag Elemente#1782 (Discord: Elemente#8978)
Healer Lead: Nastidon (Discord: Sedge1987#8657)

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Just a little bump, we have not recruited anyone and are 9/10 heroic. We are still looking for new players to join our community and game with us while we complete AoTC and are looking for all classes.

We are actively looking for a Demon Hunter, Priest, Tank, or DPS classes. We may be looking for a healer when we grow our raid team.

Bumping with an update. Now that the current Raid Tier is in its final days & the PTR testing has begun, we are looking forward to fleshing out some additional players for our raid group going forward. While there are specific classes that would compliment our team well, we are more actively seeking players instead of classes at this time.

If you are returning from a break or are simply looking for a new place to call home, come check out our little community. We are a lighthearted guild looking to have fun while achieving our collective goals.