[H] <Hordeland Security> 8/12H 9/12N Tue/Thurs 8-10:15 (EST)

We are looking for all DPS classes at this time though we are particularly interested in a Windwalker Monk, Mage, and Warlock to round out the rest of our raid team. Players who enjoy M+ are encouraged to apply, we run them daily! We also have players who dabble in the arena so if interested you can probably find a few people to team up with for 2’s or 3’s.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday, Thursday, 20:00- 22:15 Server Time (Eastern Time).

About Us
Hordeland Security is a raiding guild that started at launch. Over our World of Warcraft history, we raided on Blackhand, Baelgun, and Turalyon. We have had the same guild leadership for over 8 years! Our goal is to get AOTC before the next tier, and dabble into Mythic mode. We accomplish this while raiding less than 5 hours a week, over only two nights. While having had a robust raid roster in the past we are looking to fill gaps in our raid team that developed in the time leading up to 8.3 and as a result of guild mates opting to sit out 8.3 until Shadowlands is closer to dropping.

What we can offer
A fun community of players in a mature environment with no guild drama. Many of us have played video games together for more than 10 years and some of us have formed friendships outside of the game. We typically do not have high turnover in our raiding roster during an expansion. That being said 8.3 has taken a toll on our raiding roster, just as it has in many guilds. Some of our raiders have opted to take a hiatus during 8.3, and while we certainly hope they come back to the game, we are focused on the here and now.

We understand real life obligations come first and as long as you communicate in advance it is not an issue.

When a raider does not need an item that drops we /roll Need over greed, with the mindset of not taking all the /rolls.

Raid consumables are covered for members (Food, Potions, Flasks) with the exception of health potions.

Join us - Direct contact info!:
Zensonoru – Btag: Zensonoru#11690 – (Discord: @Zensonoru#8446) Recruitment Warrant Officer
Erysse - Btag: Sharahbear#1810 - Raid Leader

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Come listen to my colorful raid explanations. \o/

On our 2nd week of semi-progression we are up to 4/12 H. We downed Shad’har on our 4th pull. We will start Heroic progression in earnest next week as we are doing a night of Heroic and a night of Normal right now. Hit us up if you are interested in joining the team!

I love colorful explanations!!! Do we get crayons also?!

2 more bosses down tonight on Normal mode, going to be shifting our focus to Heroic only starting next week. Definitely interested in a 'lock and mage, but all classes are welcome!

No crayons, but lots and lots of balls this raid… in a couple of different colors. Mostly purple, but sometimes there are blue balls too.

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Got our first full week of heroic in (2 nights, 2 hours per night) and improved from 4/12H to 6/12H. Still looking for a 'lock and Mage, but any geared dps are welcome!

:minibus: :oncoming_bus: :trolleybus:
The bus goes BUMP BUMP

On our 2nd full week of running exclusively Heroic progression we bumped up to 8/12 H with 2 new boss kills. We are still looking for 'lock, Mage, and a well geared main spec dps that could be a swing healer if needed. All are welcome, especially if you are ready to jump in and raid now!