[H] Hordeland Security - 10/10 Heroic AotC Guild is recruiting! 8:00 - 10:15 EST Tues/Thurs Raid Times

Recruiting for Shadowlands!!
We are looking for any and all players who are seeking a guild to call home with Shadowlands in full swing!

At this time we are looking for mainly dps (Mage, Warrior, DH) Swing dps that are ok healing/tanking (spec dependent) or dpsing when we are without one of our team who typically fills a specific role are highly sought after as well. We understand life happens and certainly want to continue progression when events draw players away from Azeroth! And honestly, if you don’t fill one of those previously mentioned niches, feel free to give us a try! We are more interested in you playing a spec/class you enjoy than making sure we have all of the “right” classes in raid.

Players who enjoy M+ are encouraged to apply, as we run them daily! We also have players who dabble in the arena so if interested you can probably find a few people to team up with for 2’s or 3’s.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday, Thursday, 20:00- 22:15 Server Time (Eastern Time).

About Us
Hordeland Security is a raiding guild that started at launch. Over our World of Warcraft history, we have raided on Blackhand, Baelgun, and Turalyon. We have had the same guild leadership for over 8 years! Our goal is to get AoTC before the next tier, and dabble into Mythic mode. We accomplish this while raiding less than 5 hours a week, over only two nights.

What we can offer
A fun community of players in a mature environment with little to no guild drama. Many of us have played video games together for more than 10 years and some of us have formed friendships outside of the game. We typically do not have high turnover in our raiding roster during an expansion, though the length of this development cycle and subsequent quick announcement of 9.1 launch has a few of our raid team still unaccounted for. With Sanctum of Domination so close we are definitely looking for raiders who are a good fit with the guild to bolster our ranks. If raiding isn’t your cup of tea you are very welcome to still apply for a more casual experience!

We understand real life obligations come first! We simply ask that you communicate in advance if you will be missing from a raid so we can adjust the roster and roles accordingly.

When a raider does not need an item that drops we /roll Need over greed, with the mindset of not taking all the /rolls.

Raid consumables that are covered by the guild bank are health pots, flasks, and food/feasts.

Join us - Direct contact info!:
Zenferatu – Btag: Zensonoru#11690 – (Discord: @Zensonoru#8446) Recruitment Warrant Officer

4/10 Normal for Chains of Domination from Day 1 of the raid.